Wallpaper FAQs

Are RoomMates wallpaper and wallpaper borders peel & stick?

All RoomMates non peel and stick wallpaper and borders products are prepasted. The paste is activated by water, and each panel or strip is applied separately to your wall. Because of this, wallpaper cannot be repositioned after application.

How do I apply wallpaper?

Though the process seems daunting, applying wallpaper is easy! Simply activate the wallpaper backing with water, and bring it to the wall. Click here to read wallpaper and wallpaper mural application instructions.

How do I remove wallpaper?

Unlike other brands, our wallpaper is 100% removable! All the wallpaper sold by RoomMates uses SureStrip™ technology, which allows it to come away cleanly from the wall in full strips. To remove, simply pick a corner and pull. Each piece will come away cleanly without leaving behind the backing or any other residue. It couldn't be easier!

What do the wallpaper measurements tell me?

When you look at our wallpaper pages, you'll notice three separate measurements for each pattern:

  • Width: This tells you how wide a roll of wallpaper is. We carry two different widths: 20.5” and 27”.
  • Length: This tells you how long a roll is. We carry two lengths corresponding to the above widths: 33’ and 27’.
  • Square footage: This is helpful for determining how many rolls you will need to order. If your wall is 10’ tall by 15’ wide, this is 150 square feet (height x width). If you know that a roll of your wallpaper of choice covers 56 square feet, you can calculate that three rolls will comfortably cover your space while allowing for waste (56 square feet x 3 rolls of wallpaper = 168 square feet of coverage).

What is a wallpaper “repeat”? Will it change the way I hang my wallpaper?

A wallpaper's “repeat” determines both how often the pattern repeats itself horizontally, and how each panel of wallpaper will line up with each other. Here are the three repeat types you will see:

  • Drop Match: The most common type of repeat, a drop match repeats itself in every other panel. Every other strip of wallpaper installed will have the same design at the ceiling. This forms a diagonal pattern sequence, rather than the horizontal pattern sequence created by a straight match.
  • Straight Match: Every panel of wallpaper hung will look exactly the same. The wallpaper will match on adjoining strips, creating a horizontal pattern sequence. An example of this would be this disney princess pattern. As you can see, the diamond design is exactly the same the whole way across the paper.
  • Random: Wallpaper with a random match has a pattern sequence that will match no matter how the adjoining strips are positioned on the wall. By far the easiest repeat to deal with!

Why do I need to “prime” my walls before hanging wallpaper?

Primer is a sealant for walls that prevents paste from being absorbed into the drywall or sheetrock. It also allows wallpaper paste to “grip” otherwise slick surfaces. Primer is important to use prior to application, as it makes removing wallpaper much easier, and also ensures that your paper will stick properly without curling or falling.

Where in my room should I start hanging wallpaper?

Start in the least visible spot. This is normally on one side of a door or in a corner.

Why is it important to allow for waste?

Save “random” match patterns, your wallpaper will not perfectly repeat across each applied panel without you manually lining things up. Because you may need to trim several inches from the top of a roll to match your pieces, you should have a comfortable amount of extra wallpaper in your order.

Generally, the larger the repeat, the more waste you should expect. You should never order only exactly as much as you need — always order extra. If you end up with an unused and unopened roll of wallpaper, you can always return it to us for a refund.

Can I apply wall decals to my wallpaper?

Yes, but be careful. Much like applying decals to fresh paint, we suggest waiting approximately two weeks before sticking RoomMates to newly papered surfaces. Applying decals before the paper has “settled” could cause damage to the wallpaper, your wall decals, or both.

How do I clean my wallpaper?

If anything gets on your wallpaper, it can be cleaned with warm water and a dab of soap. Blot at the dirt and wipe it gently away. Use extra caution cleaning paper with special elements, like glitter or metallic accents.

Can I return my wallpaper if I don’t like it or if I have extra?

Absolutely! Returns are accepted for unused and unopened rolls of wallpaper within 30 days of purchase. Visit our returns page to find out how to request a return.