Adding Your Store to the RoomMates Dealer Locator

The RoomMates store locator, found here, provides a convenient way for US & Canadian customers to find both nearby brick and mortar and web-based vendors of RoomMates products through our website.

To add a brick and mortar location to our locator, we will only need your account number and contact information. To submit this information to us, please proceed to the form at the bottom of the page (no link from your website is necessary). In order to add a website to the locator, we require vendors to provide a link to the RoomMates website. RoomMates will verify the link prior to including your website in the locator. Please follow the guidelines below when linking to our website.

Linking to RoomMates

You do not have to link to RoomMates on the homepage of your website. However, please select a page on your website that is publicly accessible, linked from elsewhere on your site, and is not part of a checkout or similar process. Make sure your link follows these additional guidelines:

  • Do not present the link to the RoomMates Web site in any way suggesting that RoomMates has a relationship or affiliation with your company or website, or that RoomMates endorses your company, website, products or services.
  • Do not frame RoomMates web pages or otherwise present RoomMates’ content as your own.
  • Do not use any other logo except those provided below.

Text Link

When providing a text-only link to our website, please use this phrase: RoomMates wall decals and wall stickers. The following HTML code will create the correct link from your website to ours.

Logo Link

The RoomMates logo is unique to York Wallcoverings, and its use is protected by federal law through trademark registration. If you wish to create a logo link to the RoomMates website, any of the following four versions of our logo may be used without further written consent. The HTML code is shown to the right of each logo version. If you wish to use our logo in another form, please contact us for permission.

RoomMates Wall Decals

RoomMates Wall Decals

All accounts: Complete the form below to submit your request to have your store and/or website included in our store locator. Please allow two weeks for us to review and add your website to our database. We will contact you only if there are questions or problems with your submission.