Zamari's RoomMates-Filled Bedroom

Our latest customer submission comes to us courtesy of Eureka, whose eight year old daughter, Zamari, used our wall decals to decorate her bedroom. Zamari is definitely an interior designer in the making: she used a whopping seven different RoomMates designs in her room, and all without the walls or furniture looking cluttered or busy. Color me impressed! Eureka writes us:

My daughter pretty much picked out everything for her room, including the bed, the paint [color] on the walls, and all of the RoomMates wall decals. We wanted to use the wall stickers because we thought it was an easy and inexpensive way to make it the room she wanted. Plus, it will be easy to change it up if (when) she grows out or tired of these decorations. [...] Her decorative stickers have been up since March 2012 and we have had no problems with any of them peeling off.

Here are some of the photos Eureka sent us:

Zamari's RoomMates-Filled Bedroom
Zamari's RoomMates-Filled Bedroom
Zamari's RoomMates-Filled Bedroom
Zamari's RoomMates-Filled Bedroom

There are a lot of decals in Zamari's bedroom, but I think she did a fantastic job with her application of them. The stickers are spread out onto different walls and surfaces, instead of being grouped closely together, and the different sets “mingle” together in such a way that they don't really appear isolated from one another. Zamari definitely has a good eye for color and pattern, and I love the way there are decals in unexpected places—like the flower on the ceiling fan blades and “sweet dreams” spelled out above the window with our Pink Alphabet set. Decorating the bunkbed with our Love, Joy, Peace wall decals was a great idea, too: it makes the plain brown furniture much more stylish and fun!

Eureka had this to say about her experience using RoomMates in Zamari's room:

The stickers are so easy to use and to reposition. This was put to the test when we put the Tiana giant wall decal together. We had to readjust Tiana twice to make her fit on the wall where we wanted her, and we did this with no problems. [...] We also have the [Butterflies & Dragonflies Glow in the Dark wall decals] that look very pretty at night. You can see them well on the purple wall but they are hard to see on the white wall until they light up [in the dark]! She even wanted them on her ceiling fan so she could see them flying around at night before she goes to sleep.

Looks like this junior decorator and her mom are both pretty pleased with the outcome of this fun and fashionable bedroom!

Zamari's RoomMates-Filled Bedroom

Thanks so much to Eureka and Zamari for sharing their photos and decorating story with us! I'm so glad that we were able to help Zamari create the bedroom of her dreams. If you have a decorating story of your own that you would like to share, you might be able to see it right here on our blog. Visit our customer submissions page to find out how you can send your photos and win a $25 gift certificate to our store.

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  • Diane March 7, 2013 at 6:12 AM

    I love the colors of the room!It's perfect for little girls!

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