You Asked: How Do I Use My Extra Wall Decals?

On our Facebook page, Michelle recently asked for some advice:

I need some inspiration. I just received my Black Damask RoomMates and I would love to see how others have used the extra 'leaves' that come with it. Thanks.

Michelle helpfully included two photos of her damask decals as they currently appear in her home:


That's a great question, isn't it? Although we've gone over a ton of decorating projects and photographs from customers before, we've not yet covered any ideas for using up those extra wall decals in each package. After giving it some thought, I decided to ask for some help from the most creative people I know: our team of graphic designers. In a matter of moments, they came up with three very different, very helpful suggestions for using up those extra accents! Here's what they suggested.

Designer Brandi was very quick to respond: she actually has several of the Black Damask wall decals in her own home, in a black and red-themed guest bedroom. She chose to space out the decals and the additional accents at the top of the wall, in the form of a removable, repositionable, and easily changeable border. She suggested a few possibilities, each involving using the accents around the edges or between the damasks. Here's one example:

Black damask wall stickers

Although Michelle's installation is in a smaller space, Brandi's suggestion would work well if the damasks were placed side-by-side or stacked, with the additional accents forming a sort of “frame” around the larger decals. Alternately, additional packs could be used on a nearby location to extend this theme.

Designer Janelle had an especially creative thought:

Maybe place the spare leaves around a window like they're falling down?

Aha—we spy a window! Michelle could pick any window in her home, including the one you can see in her photo, and apply the leaves beneath it, creating the illusion of the silhouettes of leaves falling from the frame or ledge to the floor. This could either be a temporary decorating solution (wouldn't it be perfect for fall?) or a permanent one. Here's just one example of how you could accomplish this...

Black damask wall stickers

Finally, our newbie (I use that term affectionately) designer Kayla sent over her suggestion in the form of a photo. Like Janelle, she had her eye on the window idea, but this one is quite different! Kayla's idea is to arrange the additional decals in a vertical or horizontal line, like so:

Black damask wall stickers

Though Kayla's showing it here by a window, Michelle could easily accomplish this effect on the wall beside the railing going up her stairs, or even below the damasks as they're currently applied. Just keep in mind that the number of included decals is limited, so a long border as shown here would require at least another set of the damask decals to be purchased.

So, what do you think of our suggestions? Would you use any of them in your own home? Although these are examples specific to the Black Damask design, maybe they'll inspire some creative decorating with your own wall decals. We can't wait to see how Michelle decides to decorate her space!

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