Trendy Tuesday: Ruby Red

Two years ago, just before Tangerine Tango was announced as Pantone's color of the year, I bought a tangerine purse. Late last summer, I snatched up a dark green purse... and then Emerald became the favored color. I didn't notice this until a coworker pointed it out, and now a few people suspect that I'm able to predict color trends based on the purse I buy closest to the end of each year. So if my psychic purse picking powers (say that ten times fast!) are to be believed, Pantone will be selecting a shade of red sometime very soon.

I see no problem with this. Red is one of my favorite accent colors! I have a red scarf to match my purse, and they both "pop" against my otherwise very neutral black and gray winter coats. All three exterior doors attached to my white colonial house are painted a bright shade of crimson. And my kitchen, although still sporting orange countertops and a brown floor (it was designed in the early 80s, that's all I have to say), is slowly shifting to my preferred color scheme of black, white, and red.

You may think that red runs the risk of being too overpowering in home decor, and you might be right... but there are many ways to make it work.

from Wicked & Weird from Wicked & Weird

For example, this painted red bed from Wicked & Weird is perfect for a child's room. It coordinates with the colorful bedding and stands out from the soft blue walls, but doesn't overwhelm you in the slightest.

I'm especially fond of red in dining areas. These wooden red chairs make outdoor dining look a little more fun...

from BHG from BHG

... while the metal ones below are a bright pop of color -- and modern flair -- in a rustic environment.

from Holly Mathis Interiors from Holly Mathis Interiors

And the red rug in the dining room below just makes the whole space look warm, cozy, and super inviting. I love the way the deep red on the floor and rich brown table and chairs melt so nicely into the bright white walls. It's a rich and elegant blend of rustic and modern. (Can you tell I REALLY like this room?!)

source unknown, found on Pinterest source unknown, found on Pinterest

This red "coastal" style kitchen is just what I want someday. Clean white cabinets, red cookware and pans, matching wall decor... perfect. See how the nearby blue walls and hints of yellow break things up a little bit? This room probably looks just as amazing at night as it does with all that natural light coming in.

from Costal Living Magazine, image found on Beach Cottage Love from Costal Living Magazine, image found on Beach Cottage Love

Finally, there is always the tried and true accent wall. Like the painted wall in the kitchen above, a red accent wall can bring life to a small or awkward space. A room with all four walls painted red could be too dark or overpowering, but a single wall or area can bring attention to the items nearby. For example, the red paint below makes the faux animal heads and painted white brick stand out...

found on Accent on Design found on Accent on Design

... while the painted red brick below draws your attention to the black frames, and keeps this otherwise neutral space from looking, well, boring. And I love the dark floor!

source unknown, found on Pinterest source unknown, found on Pinterest

What do you think about the use of red in your home? Is it one of your go-to colors, or do you avoid it? Either way, I hope you've enjoyed the ideas and photos that I've shared with you today. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts, or to share your own photos of inspiring ruby red in action.

Oh, and don't forget to check back again soon to find out if my purse prediction was right!

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