Trendy Tuesday: Brilliant Burlap

A coarse, woven fiber, normally used for making bags. This is the traditional definition of burlap... but this material is quickly evolving into a interior design trend. There was a time when I couldn't imagine using this material in my home, but after browsing Pinterest, my opinion of burlap has turned into an obsession.

This week's Trendy Tuesday is all about the brilliant uses of burlap. After looking past the stereotypes given to burlap and searching for new uses, you might find a few DIY projects -- or in my case, thousands -- that appeal to you.

image from It All Started With Paint image from It All Started With Paint

This trendy polka dot pillow was made using burlap, acrylic paint, stencils, and a little bit of creativity. Linda from It All Started With Paint gives a step-by-step tutorial to recreate this DIY project. The burlap blends in with a neutral space, but the white polkadots catch your attention and almost invite you to have a seat.

image from Michaels image from Michaels

I just had to share this DIY burlap wreath, since it is something that I have wanted to attempt for some time now. By adding greens and berries, this wreath is perfect for the holiday season. You could even change out the accents for other seasonal decor, or just add a bow that matches your home.

image from Refresh Renew image from Refresh Renew

Visit any DIY or home decor blogger's page and somewhere you will find one of these banners. It's not too late to decorate your home for fall or Thanksgiving with this simple DIY project. Using stamps, ink and some burlap, in less than an hour you can have a personalized pennant banner for your entryway or living space.

I hope after reading this post that you have a new outlook on burlap. The ideas that I have shared are only a few of the many ideas out there. What is your favorite burlap DIY project? Leave a comment! We would love to hear your ideas or see your projects.

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