Top Decals For Kids This Summer

Hollywood’s summer has been full of epic movie releases complete with action and exciting adventure. When it’s too hot to play, blockbuster hits like Spider-Man: Homecoming and Cars 3 have managed to effortlessly keep children entertained with their imaginative and thrilling storylines, but the fun doesn’t have to end at the theatre. If you’re looking for another cool activity to do with your child this summer, beat the heat by bringing their favorite characters from the big screen to their bedroom decor with RoomMates.

Our peel and stick collection of wall decals include tons of popular character decals that can instantly transform any space into an action-packed scene from your child’s favorite movie or TV show in an instant. Plus, RoomMates wall decals are removable and repositionable, which makes changing from one decorative theme to another a piece of cake – your welcome!

So here’s your chance to create a space that’s inviting, engaging and captivating; a space your child will love. Grab your popcorn and continue reading below as we reveal our top decals for kids this summer.

1. Despicable Me 3 Peel and Stick Wall Decal

Gru and his crew of Minions are back. With tons of wall stickers, kids can enjoy creating favorite Minion moments again and again on the wall. Peel, stick and play. Shop the collection here.

Decorate With Despicable Me 3 Wall Decals

2. Disney Pixar Cars 3 Lightning McQueen Giant Wall Graphic.

Time to shift gears! Accelerate into high-speed adventure with our collection of Disney Pixar Cars 3 wall decals. Featuring Lightning McQueen and all of your favorite characters from the movie, create an action-packed scene on the wall in minutes. Decorate with two simple steps; just peel and stick! Shop the entire collection here.

Shop Disney Pixar Lightning McQueen Peel and Stick Wall Graphic

3. Spider–Man Giant Wall Decal

Kids will love channeling their inner superhero with our collection of Spider-Man wall decals. With enough wall decals to transform an entire room, these wall stickers instantly brings the action from the movie home to the wall in minutes. Designed with officially licensed Marvel art, give your child’s room a super powerful makeover with our Spider-Man wall decals. Shop the collection here.

Shop Spider Man Wall Decals

4. Disney Pixar Finding Dory and Nemo Giant Wall Graphic

 Bring an unforgettable ocean adventure to your child’s room with our collection of Disney Pixar Finding Dory wall decals. Designed with colorful hues and all of your child’s favorite characters from the movie, these walls decals are an ocean of fun in any room. Shop the collection here.

Shop Finding Dory Wall Decals

5. Trolls Giant Wall Graphic

No Bergen is any match for the joy, fun and happiness that shines though our collection of Trolls wall decals. With Poppy, Branch and the rest of the Trolls crew, enjoy a wide variety of decals inspired by various magical moments from the movie. Charm walls with bright colors and playful scenes in our collection of Trolls wall decals. Shop here.

Shop Trolls Wall Decals

6. Classic Wonder Woman Giant Wall Decals

Our collection of Wonder Woman wall decals are a must-have for all DC Comic enthusiasts. Inspired by classic Wonder Woman comic book art, these wall decals are cool collectibles and authentic décor in one. Pay homage to DC Comic’s leading lady and shop the entire collection here.

Shop Wonder Woman Wall Decals

7. Disney Moana Giant Wall Decals

Sail across an ocean of adventure and join Moana as she fulfills her quest to become a master way-finder. With vibrant scenes straight from the movie, these wall stickers make creating a Moana themed-space easy to achieve. Including Moana, plus Maui, Pua and more of your child’s favorite characters from the movie, shop the entire collection here.

Create a Scene With Disney Moana Giant Wall Decals

Enjoy decorating your child's space with these top decals for kids this summer. Find more of your child’s favorite characters in our huge collection of popular character wall decals.

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  • Martha Kabuyana August 2, 2017 at 3:44 AM

    i am really inlove with the Disney Moana peal and stick pieces. how much would it be to send those to Lusaka Zambia and what is the minimum order? i would like some for my children and the rest for resale.
    Thank you.

    • Ciara R. August 2, 2017 at 6:15 AM

      Hi Martha,
      We are more than happy to help. Please email our international customer service team at

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