Storybook Window Wall Decals Create a Room With a View

Today we’re going to take a look at one of our newest product lines, the Storybook Windows giant wall decals. Created by artist Mike Dexter, these cute new kids decals allow you to create a “room with a view” in just seconds! Each design includes either one or two windows that display a fun outdoor scene, like a farm, baseball stadium, basketball hoop, construction site, and more.These windows add life and character to blank walls, and can help kids with big imaginations pretend to be cowboys or cowgirls, basketball stars, pirates, and more… all from the comfort of their bedroom. These are great designs to have in a room without windows, like a small bathroom or bedroom.


Much to our delight, these designs are already spreading like wildfire! Just this morning we received an email from Eileen, who chose to use all of these wall decals in the Youth Services department of the Grandview Heights Public Library. She says:

We have all of the Storybook Windows hanging in the Youth Services Dept. of our library and we love them! It really helps our white walls look much more welcoming! […] We have also recently had to move them and we were pleasantly surprised that they peeled off one wall and went on to another without a problem.

Eileen included two photographs from the library with her email, displaying our Down on the Farm and Old West window wall decals in action:

Storybook Window wall decals
Storybook Window wall decals

Ready to create your own room with a view? Visit our Storybook Windows Wall Decals page and check out all the designs we offer. We’d love to hear which one you like best, and don't forget to share!

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