Rachel's Wall Decal Playhouse

As you probably already know, we love seeing pictures of what our customers have done with RoomMates wall decals. What we really love, though, are seeing pictures of special decorating projects that go above and beyond the typical wall sticker application. Your creativity never fails to surprise us! A great example of this creative decorating was recently sent into us by Rachel—and we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw what she had done! For this project, Rachel applied our Build A House and Scroll Tree MegaPacks in just the right spot, creating a realistic playhouse. She writes:

Build A House Wall Decals

We recently had our basement finished, and decided to use the space under the stairs for a playhouse for children. We asked our contractor to cut out a window, and planned to paint a house around it. Just as I was planning how to go about painting the house, I decided to look online for decals of a house instead. I found the Build A House and Scroll Tree and fell in love with both of them. We ordered them right away and couldn't wait to put them up. We applied the house decal sticker over the hole and used a straight razor to cut out the window—it could not have been easier!!

Take a look at the fantastic results of Rachel's project:

Build A House Wall Decal MegaPack
Build A House Wall Decal MegaPack

As Rachel mentioned, she applied the "base" of the house wall decal directly to the wall, over the hole that her contractor had already created, and used a razor to cut away the portion of the decal that covered the hole. She then built the rest of the house and applied the Scroll Tree around the same area. When children go into the space under the stairs, they can look through the “window”, and it gives the illusion that they are actually within the Build A House MegaPack! We also love seeing these two designs combined, as they were specifically designed to match each other. The animals around both sets can be swapped or moved easily, thanks to their repositionable qualities, and will look at home beside either the house or the tree.

If you're wondering how Rachel converted the two window design of the original MegaPack into a single window, here's what she has to say about that, and about the project as a whole:

The set came with four shutter stickers, which we ended up using all of on our one window. It took two hours to put up all the stickers and was actually quite fun! We have the most adorable playhouse now and our daughter and her friends will have a blast playing in there.

Build A House Wall Decal MegaPack

We're so happy to see creative decorating stories like these! We hope that this creative playhouse setting provides years of fun for many kids. Thanks again to Rachel for sending in the pictures of her great project!

Remember: If YOU have a creative application of RoomMates wall decals, WE want to see it! Send us an e-mail with your pictures, and you may see your decorating story right here on this page!

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