Powder Rooms That Pop

Since your powder room plays peek-a-boo with the main living spaces in your home, you’ll really want it to be appealing. From older homes with a half-bath tucked under the stairs to modern open-concept homes, your guest bath tends to be quite convenient to the flow of the house. This means that guests are bound to get a peep even if they don’t visit it. Why not make it a star?

Powder rooms are one of the most fun rooms in which to bring a fresh design. Since the space is tiny, it will be easy to make a fast impact. Because the room doesn’t connect to any other space, you can have fun in there and not be wedded to mimicking designs seen elsewhere in your house. Branch out and try something new. Go glamorous, modern or trendy. The idea is simply to aim for an impression.

The three big wow factors to create a powder room that pops are the vanity, the walls and the lighting. The nice commonality among these is they are all easily updated. And due to the small space, it’s certainly a project that doesn’t take much time.

1. Be Vain About Vanities

powder room vanity

The focal point in a tiny powder room will be the vanity. No matter how small your half-bath, there is a vanity that will suit the space. Go with something eye-catching, like a copper basin instead of a traditional sink. Or, choose a furniture-style vanity.

Don’t be daunted by switching out your vanity. It’s one of the easiest transformations in remodeling and makes the biggest of impacts. It doesn’t take a much time to have a contractor turn the water supply off, disconnect the old vanity and install the new one.

2. Minimal Wall Space = Maximum Impression

Peel and Stick Tile Backsplashes

Get a "wow" factor in your bathroom or powder room by creating your own backsplash. A tiny space makes it easy to get a striking look. You could bring in a complementary color that accents the room nicely.

Modern-looking tile like StickTILES brings an updated element to a powder room. In bathrooms, tile is most often used to protect surfaces from splashing shower water. Since this isn’t an issue in a powder room, you can try a simple technique of stick-on tiles to get a glass tile look. Plus, installation is very easy. Just peel and stick to your surface. Explore stick-on tiles here.

3. Shine a Light on Design

Image 2

In thinking about your powder room design, you’ll want to make sure to consider changing your lighting. It’s an easy switch to update lighting if the wiring is in place. Change out the wall sconces or wall fixture to an eye-catching stylish one. Move from a ceiling fixture to a pendant or even a chandelier.

If your existing fixture has shades, you can change them out for something different. Vary the color or swap the shape from traditional round to a cute square or rectangle. If you are a DIYer, you can get a customized look by adding trim to your shade. Bands of ribbon or chandelier beads along the edges bring in trendy look and turn the light from plain to glamorous.

Finish off your updated bathroom space with some luxury for your guests. Buy a few plush hand towels and a soft rug. As a special treat, add wonderfully scented soap and leave some really nice hand lotion on the vanity.

Organizing bathrooms for maximum comfort and efficiency has been a trademark of professional organizational expert Lea Schneider, who writes online for The Home Depot’s Home Decorators Collection. If you want to research vanities for your own home, you can visit the Home Decorators website here.

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