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  • Stefanie's Chalkboard Message Center

    RoomMates customer Stefanie provides childcare out of her home. She recently wrote us to let us know that she had purchased our Country Chalkboard Wall Decal, and was using it as a message center for the parents of the children she cares for. We love this idea, and couldn't wait to share her pictures with you! Here's what Stefanie had to say about her purchase, and how she utilizes the chalkboard: Continue reading

  • Sarah's Total Room Transformation

    Sarah recently wrote us about her decision to turn a formal dining room into a playroom for her daughter. Since this room conversion would be temporary, she needed to choose decor that could be easily removed when it was time to bring back the dining room again. As you already know, RoomMates are perfect for this situation! Our popular Scroll Tree MegaPack was chosen to decorate the new play area. Sarah writes: Continue reading

  • Volunteers use Wall Decals to Make a Medical Center More Kid-friendly

    Jaime, a member of Junior League of Westchester on the Sound in Westchester, NY, recently wrote us about a project she was asked to participate in. The Sound Shore Medical Center in New Rochelle desperately needed a facelift in some of its child-oriented waiting rooms. Because the center's options for paint and decorating were limited, Jaime's personal experience with RoomMates led her to seek out our wall decals as a solution to their problem. She writes: Continue reading

  • Welcome To Project Corner

    Welcome to Project Corner, where we’ll show you inspiring ways to use RoomMates wall decals and decor. We’ll take your favorite RoomMates products and mix and match them to come up with fun, new designs! Inspired by those of us who like to channel our creativity by seeing others’ designs, we’ll visually show you step-by-step how to create inspirational looks for your walls and creative ways to use your RoomMates wall decals beyond the wall! Continue reading

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