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  • Friday Finds: Flower Frenzy

    On this rainy Friday morning, I really struggled to get out of bed. I was making the quick dash from my house to the garage, dodging puddles left and right, when I noticed my rose bush had finally bloomed! Let me just give you a little background on my gardening skills—or lack thereof: I manage to kill everything. I experienced sheer joy when I saw about 25 buds had bloomed into beautiful white roses and were soaking up the raindrops. Continue reading

  • Friday Finds: DIY Dog Ideas

    Let's face it: we love our dogs like family. Though they might tear apart your favorite chair or have accidents in the house, in a few moments we are quick to forgive and forget. My Friday Finds for this week include five star accommodations, fine dining, and some familiar faces. Continue reading

  • Kids' Spaces: Organized Room Solutions

    When I think of having kids, I sometimes wonder if I could handle it. I am one of those people who has to have everything in its proper place and doors and drawers closed at all times! This week, I am focusing on finding stylish yet functional organization ideas for all your child’s needs. Continue reading

  • Quick and Easy Picnic Decorating

    It's finally here: picnic season! Dust off those serving trays, invite some friends, kick back and relax. With the holiday weekend quickly approaching, many—myself included—find themselves unprepared. Luckily, I have found some quick and easy ideas to decorate your picnic space. Continue reading

  • Laurie's Painted Scroll Tree MegaPack

    Our team of creative designers and office staff is always working hard to come up with new ways to use our wall decals... but I have to admit that sometimes it's our customers who give us the best ideas! As I've written in the past, we've been inspired by customer-submitted ideas ranging from using our wall decals as a stencil to giving wall decals new dimension by adding accents like frames, birdhouses, and hooks. We're always thrilled to receive photos and stories from customers, but what we really love are the projects that involve some “out of the box” thinking, so to speak. Continue reading

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