Mom and Kids Recreate Frozen With Frozen Wall Decals

Shannon D., blogger of Lil Blonde Monsters, from Fall River, Massachusetts recently shared with us her experience using RoomMates’ Disney Frozen wall decals. Shannon and her two daughters, Zoe and Lea, love Frozen and were ready to “Let It Go” on their walls and construct their very own Anna and Elsa wall decals.

Here’s what Shannon thought of her RoomMates experience:

The RoomMates brand of decals is a great way for families on a budget to change the entire look of a room without breaking the bank. Also, it lets parents allow kids to choose whatever the favorite character of the moment is because the decals are so easy to remove.

The application process was quick and easy for Shannon and her two girls.

Applying the decals is basically like applying a really large sticker. There are several large pieces that you simply peel off the paper backing and place on the desired wall space. You're supposed to use your hands to smooth any bubbles, but we really didn't even get any. The great thing about the decals is that they are 100% mess free. The only thing to do at the end of the project is throw away the paper. That's it!


Now that Shannon and her family has peeled, stuck and hung wall decals, we wanted to know her application tricks and tips.

We decided to work from the bottom up so that the characters would look like they were walking on the bottom of the wall. This technique worked really well with the Frozen characters and made them look even more realistic.”


Shannon’s experience was extra special having her daughters there!

Our girls actually helped out with the application process! While we put up the bigger character pieces to make sure they went on straight, Zoe, who is 5, and Lea, who is 2, basically did all the accent flowers and snowflakes. It was awesome to let them help in the project, and they are just in love with the final product. Lea actually says goodnight to Elsa and Anna now every night! All in all, we are all thrilled with our new RoomMates wall.




Her final thoughts, “Our RoomMates experience was a breeze! In less than a half an hour we turned a boring wall into a Frozen fantasyland.”




Have daughters who can't get enough of Disney's Frozen? Shop our Frozen wall decals and send us your photos here. We are always looking for new submissions, projects and ideas to share!

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  • Julie Richards July 16, 2014 at 3:18 PM

    These are amazing how much do the frozen girls cost ?

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