Mixing Wall Decal Designs

This project is perfect for people who like to think “outside the box”! Today, we”ll be guiding you through the art of mixing or combining wall decal designs. While some of our products were designed with coordination in mind, there are countless others in our store that have the potential to be combined in ways no one has ever seen before. Thinking of putting together your own custom creation? Read on for a handy guide.

What you’ll need:

  • A blank wall or other flat surface
  • RoomMates wall decals
  • Measuring tape (optional)
Identify your space

1. Identify your space

Before you start sticking, you should have a good idea of the space you'd like to use. Whether you have part of a wall, a full room, or anything in between, we have tons of creative and crafty designs that can be customized to fill any area. Take some measurements and keep those handy as you begin picking out your decals.

Attention to detail is important: if you're trying to squeeze your decals into a small space, get out that measuring tape! It's always ideal to know exactly how much room to have to work with. Once you know the area you have to cover, you can determine which designs will be too big (or too small!). You can find detailed size information for all of our wall decals on their product pages, under the label “dimensions.”

Pick out your wall decals

2. Select your wall decals

Maybe you already have your eye on a design, or maybe you're starting from scratch. Either way, you'll have no problem picking out stickers that naturally compliment each other. Look for designs with similar colors, shapes, or even those created by the same artist. You could dress up a plain black silhouette with metallic or brightly colored accents, or add leaves from one tree to another's branches. The sky is the limit!

At a loss for ideas? Check out the "Related RoomMates" listed at the bottom of each product page. These are hand-selected products that we think will go together beautifully! Don't be afraid to experiment, though: your own eye for design may lead you to discover two decals that compliment each other in ways we never imagined.

Apply RoomMates wall decals

3. Apply your RoomMates!

When you're ready, apply your wall decals. Have fun with this part! If something doesn't look right the first time, simply take it down and try again. Remove and re-apply until you've created perfect harmony between your chosen designs. Looks great, doesn't it?

Don't forget: RoomMates are endlessly removable and repositionable, so you're never “stuck” with a design you don’t like! To keep things fresh, consider moving individual pieces around on the wall, or use seasonal stickers (like flowers or snowflakes) that you can swap every few months.

Looking for some real life examples of this project? This should hit the spot: these photos were taken in conference room in our office! We accomplished these fun accents around a door and windows by combining our Tree Branches, Leaf Scroll, and Deco Birdcage wall decals. The Deco Birdcage's brightly colored birds and butterflies made really fun additions to the Tree Branches and Leaf Scroll sections we applied.

2 thoughts on “Mixing Wall Decal Designs”

  • Leigh Schwendeman January 26, 2017 at 7:53 AM

    My 16 yr old wants to create her school logo of a single letter "M" logo inside a boxed frame. In the color gold. She wants to place it above her headboard wall.
    Can you please point me in the right direction to make this happen for her room make over?

    • Ciara R. May 31, 2017 at 6:11 AM

      Hi Leigh!
      Thank you for contacting RoomMates! We currently do not offer custom decals at this time. We value our customer’s feedback and will let our web team know your request as a future product offering.

      Thank you!

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