Make Your Own DIY Headboard

Looking for a creative, chic and inexpensive custom headboard for your bedroom or your kid’s bedroom? Create a stylish statement in minutes with the modernized ribbon headboard by notNeutral. The ribbon headboard pattern, inspired by the decorative engraving technique called Guilloché, takes interwoven loops and overlaps them to create abstract patterns.

Assemble Your Own Modernized Headboard Wall Decals

Building your own headboard is easy! No hammers or nails are needed. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Determine how many headboard panels are needed to build the frame around your bed. Each panel decal is 12"w x 25"h and includes six wall decals in all.

Single Panel Headboard Wall Decal2. Measure the center most area of the wall behind your bed to place your first wall decal. We recommend building your headboard from the center most spot of your bed and working your way out. This will ensure your headboard is centered correctly when finished.

3. After you’ve determined the center spot on the wall, peel back one of the wall decals from the sticker sheet and add it to the wall.

4. Continue peeling each wall decal and adding them side-by-side to build out your headboard until it’s assembled. That’s it!

Don’t be afraid to get creative! We positioned the center panels higher from the others to create more of a visual effect on the wall. Continue to peel and stick your panels until we’ve found your headboard style.

Build Your Own Headboard for a Single Bed

DIY Headboard For Single Bed

What we love most about notNeutral’s wall panels is they can be customized and adjusted to any bed size. For a single or twin bed use three wall decal panels from your pack. We raised the center headboard again on this single bed to add depth to the headboard. (If making your own headboard for a king bed, you will need to order two packs to ensure you have enough headboard panels).

Headboard Wall Decals Aren’t Only For Headboards

Ribbon Headboard Wall Stickers

Get inspired with our headboard wall decals and use them to beyond the bed! Build modern prints right on your wall. Stack each headboard panel on top of each other to create a fun pattern on the wall. Also, use them to decorate the side of a piece of furniture, an entry way, or create a trendy wall border. No matter the DIY project you decide, measure your area first to determine how many headboard wall decals will fill your space.

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