Look For the Tree in Apartment 23

A few days ago, one of our graphic designers, Brandi, happened to catch a trailer for the upcoming ABC series “Don’t Trust the B---- in Apt 23.” This comedy series is about an ambitious young woman named June who moves to NYC to pursue her dream job. After her arrival, however, the company shuts down and she is forced to find a new place to live. June moves in with Chloe, a “deceivingly charming” party girl who is, as the title suggests, not to be trusted. But the two form an unlikely friendship, and are accompanied by a supporting cast that includes James Van Der Beek playing a role as himself.

While she was watching the trailer, Brandi caught a glimpse of something familiar on the set of the show, Chloe and June’s shared apartment. Take a look at the image below… do you see it?


Yep—those are our Tree Branches wall decals on the wall on the left! Here’s our own photo for comparison:

Tree Branches wall decals in Apt 23

As you can imagine, this is really exciting for us. Our wall decals have shown up in a few movies and TV shows before, but only briefly. Since the apartment is the setting for the series, we’re hoping that the Tree Branches are in for the long haul, and will continue to make appearances in additional episodes. What makes this sighting really special is that Brandi is the one who created this design! It sounds like she’s really pleased with the idea of seeing something she created on a major TV series like this.

Here are two more images of the tree in action on the set. It looks great, doesn’t it?

Tree Branches wall decals in Apt 23
Tree Branches wall decals in Apt 23

“Don’t Trust the B---- in Apt 23” will premiere on ABC on Wednesday, April 11, at 9:30 PM – but you can already watch the first two episodes on the ABC website if you want a sneak peek. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Tree Branches in the background... or, if you're looking for ideas on using this design in your own space, check out this collection of creative customer submissions or how-to for creating a family tree.

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