Lisa’s Nursery Upgrade

Lisa from Miami, FL, recently posted on our Facebook page about the RoomMates she used in her daughter Isabel's nursery-turned-"big girl" bedroom. Our Dotted Tree and Growing Flowers wall decals were combined to create a bright, colorful design that completely filled a blank wall. They even matched Isabel’s brand new bedding!

Growing flowers wall decals

Lisa writes:

We did the sticker project shortly after my daughter turned three. We had painted her room yellow before she was born, when we were doing the nursery. When she was two and a half years old, she upgraded from a crib to a big girl bed. However, the wall where the crib had been was very big and empty, since we removed a wall hanging that had matched her crib bedding. The Growing Flowers decals looked like they matched the bedding collection […] Also, the Dotted Tree was so cute, and it goes with the flowers/nature theme.

Let’s take a look at the bedroom in question. Here’s a “before” picture, with Isabel happily holding her brand new packs of RoomMates…

Before RoomMates kids room makeover

…and now let’s see the “after”!

After RoomMates kids room makeover

Wow! The room looks bright and colorful, and the RoomMates definitely filled in all that blank wall space above the bed. Lisa notes:

When we ordered the decals, we put them both up in probably an hour following the instructions. They look great, exactly like the pictures on your website. Also, we even had to take off and re-stick a few times to adjust the placement, and they still stick great. My daughter helped a lot, and loved helping to take off the decals and put them back on the wall. Also, I loved that there was no mess and no tools required.

But perhaps the most important part of this whole story…

My daughter still says how much she loves her room, and how beautiful the stickers are.

Thanks for sharing with us, Lisa!

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