How To Hang Our Frozen Elsa Wall Decal

In this quick guide, we will show you how easy it is to hang our Elsa to your walls. We hung the one featured here in roughly five minutes. Walk through the process with us and use our personal tips below!

The decal we used was our Disney Frozen Elsa Wall Decal with Glitter and can be found here.

Before hanging your Elsa wall decal...

Take all the pieces out of the box and review the numbers located on the vinyl sticker sheets. Visually think in your mind how “wall sticker two” fits into “wall sticker one” and how “wall sticker three” fits into “wall sticker two” and so one.

The largest stickers to put together when assembling Elsa are attaching the outer part of her dress. Follow the numbers and refer to the box to see how her dress should be placed.

When ready, peel the first decal of Elsa’s face and upper body from your sheet and apply to the wall.

Once you have your first sticker on the wall, take a step back and see if you like the position.

Step One Place Elsa Onto The Wall

We stepped back and readjusted ours so Elsa appeared higher on the wall. Adjusting is easy. We just peeled the decal from the wall and stuck it back on.

Use your hand to smooth your elsa wall decal

Next, you will start to assemble the dress. Use your hand and smooth the sticker as you place it to the wall.

Peel and stick to adjust elsa on the wall

After you’ve assembled Elsa’s dress you are more than halfway there!

Carefully Assemble Elsa's Cape

Continue following the numbers and peel and stick each sticker onto the wall. The final step – decorate Elsa with all your glitter snowflakes. Over 30 glitter snowflakes are provided in a variety of sizes and shades of blue. Have fun placing them all around Elsa.

That’s it! We hope you enjoyed building your very own Elsa on the wall.

Watch How To Hang Elsa On The Wall

For additional instruction, watch the video of us building Elsa below.

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