DIY Picture Frame With Quote Wall Decals


Today we’re going to use one of our Quotables wall sticker designs to decorate a do-it-yourself picture frame. This idea is almost effortless, and can add that special, personal touch to a beloved snapshot or piece of art. As a bonus, this will also save you money, since there's no need to buy an expensive picture frame!

What you’ll need:

  • A Quotable  wall sticker of your choice
  • A photograph or small piece of art
  • A wooden plaque, plain picture frame, or other mounting surface (appropriately sized to fit both the picture and Quotable)
  • Tacky glue or hot glue gun
  • Acrylic paint
  • Assorted buttons, small stickers, or other accent pieces

You know our Wall Quotes are great for walls, but did you also know the potential they have for other crafts and projects? They can be used for decoration in unexpected places (like stairs or furniture), or you can use them to create a unique work of art…like a customized picture frame!

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How to create this design:

1. Paint the plaque

Use acrylic paint to completely cover the surface of your plaque or frame in whichever color you choose. Let the paint dry thoroughly before proceeding!

Light paint colors are recommended. Let paint dry for several hours, and be sure the surface is flat enough to allow application of the decals.

2. Glue on your photo

Approximate the center of your plaque (use a ruler if you're not certain!) and use your tacky glue or a hot glue gun to attach your photo.

Remember to leave enough room around the edges for your Quotable! Each word is usually between 3-5 inches high, but this can vary, so we always recommend measuring the height and width of each word before you cut your photo.

3. Apply the Quotable wall decals

Peel each decal from its sheet and position it around the photo.

Each element of our Quotables is pre-cut, and uses a specially formulated adhesive that allows them to be repositioned. Don’t worry about getting everything “perfect” on the first try! You can always peel everything off and start over.

4. Add accents to the frame

If you’d like, you can now glue on buttons or other small decorations, or add additional wall decals in empty spots.

Have fun creating your own custom work of art!

That’s all! You’ve just created your own custom work of art. Doesn’t it look great? Hang your new frame on the wall, or place it on a picture stand anywhere in your home. Your creativity is sure to charm your guests and friends!

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