Guest Post: Simple Bathroom Updates

This week we are teaming up with a guest blogger! Angelo from Home Depot is here to share several simple and inexpensive ways that you can update your bathroom to suit your design tastes... as well as the tastes of others in the same household.

Take it away, Angelo!


When you share a bathroom with other people, the chances are pretty good you are not likely to share the exact same style in decorating schemes.

Fortunately, there are many ways to update this particular space without calling the wisdom or folly of another's décor preferences into question. After all, as much time as we spend in the bathroom and as often as you have to interact with your roommates, the less cause for contention there is, the better!

By selecting classic finishes for your fixtures and neutral colors for the walls, you can be sure to find bathroom components to suit multiple styles. From there, you can compromise on the bathroom accessories so that each roommate is represented in some fashion.

Here are some simple DIY bathroom updates you can implement no matter how many people share the space.

Hanging Out

One of the easiest DIY projects that makes an immediate and noticeable impact on the entire bathroom is swapping out your old shower curtain and rusty curtain rod.


Even if your shower setup doesn't look as bad as this one, updating it is so inexpensive that it's almost a no-brainer.

Curtain Rod

This satin nickel curtain rod is extendable to fit your shower space and when paired with acrylic curtain rod hooks and a clear curtain liner creates a clean, fresh and updated look to even the drabbest of bathrooms for less than $30, and provides the perfect blank canvas for adding the shower curtain of your choosing.

DIY installation is a piece of cake with this type of extendable curtain rod because no tools (or DIY skill) are required!

Tailored Towel Tune-Ups


Sure, this towel ring is functional, but is it fashionable?

While you're addressing the fixtures that facilitate the bathroom accessories, replace your random towel racks, hooks and rings with pieces that match each other and come in a finish that doesn't immediately remind you of bathrooms from decades past. Chrome is a great choice for bathroom accessories:


To really stretch your budget, opt for a coordinating set that comes with everything you need to keep your towels organized and off the floor in style.


For around $35-$50, you can purchase entire towel rack sets like this one in chrome that comes with a towel bar, toilet paper holder, and hand towel ring.

Depending on how many roommates are using the bathroom, you can add individual items as needed, like a coordinating robe hook (less than $15) that doubles as a place to hang a towel.


To minimize the time it takes for your DIY bathroom updating, get your tools together and consider the order of your steps before you start ripping out your drywall and scratching up your sheetrock.

Game Plan of Attack

If you rent, before undertaking any remodeling, get approval from your landlord - preferably in writing...just in case.

1. Purchase all of your new materials and have them on site and at hand.

Wall Paint: go with a neutral color in a matte or washable flat finish to assist in concealing the imperfections that currently exist and that you may inflict on your walls
Wall Accessories: if you plan on adding any wall decals or shelves for bathroom storage, have them on hand for spacing and layout purposes
Bathroom Accessories: your curtain rod setup and fixtures

2. You'll also need the following tools:

Drill with appropriate flathead and Philips screw bit attachments
Wall Repair Kit: In case you have to patch up holes from the previous accessories, you'll need joint compound, a taping/scraping knife,  and a sanding sponge. You can find all of these materials at your local home improvement store for less than $10.

3. Remove all items from your wall including your shower curtain rod and all existing bathroom accessories.

4. Determine placement of your new fixtures. Follow the instructions accompanying your new accessories to install the screws and use the level to ensure straight lines. Leave only the screws in place for now because you will attach the fixtures following the painting.


5. If you need to repair holes, apply a thin coat of joint compound with the taping knife and allow it to dry completely before sanding smooth - this could take a couple of hours. Repeat the process once or twice more (depending on the severity of the holes) and remove all drywall dust before painting.

6. Carefully paint the room and allow it to dry before attaching the new curtain rod, new fixtures, and any wall decals or shelves.


Angelo DiGangi is a Home Depot sales associate in the Chicago suburbs and provides tips on bathroom remodeling on The Home Depot's website. Angelo's advice to homeowners touches on topics ranging from accessories, vanities, showers and tubs to walls and flooring.

We hope you enjoyed Angelo's guest post and are eager to start updating the fixtures in your home. What other DIY décor projects have you done in a shared bathroom? Feel free to leave us a comment and share your projects!

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