Guest Post: Quick Curtain Makeover

This week we are teaming up with a guest blogger! Maria from Craft Crazy Mom is here to share her quick curtain makeover for her three-year old daughter. Take it away, Maria!

My daughter has always been a morning person. I am not. She also stopped napping about six months ago. The transition was rough since I was used to having a couple free hours to myself every afternoon to catch up on sleep if I need to. We tried "quiet" time in the afternoons, but that resulted in a trashed toddler bedroom, frustration, and tears.

Lately, I've seen a change in her. She just turned three and her imagination is booming. I hear her playing with her toys and pretending that they're having conversations. It is the cutest thing ever. She may not nap anymore, but quiet time (especially first thing in the mornings) are becoming more frequent.

I figured I had better make her a little nook in this sad little corner of her room. The little "bed" is actually the top of a bench that she broke during one of her "quiet" times.


Not at all cute. The first step of her nook was to get some curtains up. I toyed with the idea of doing a teepee, but it was going to be too small. I want my husband and I to be able to fit in there to read books with her. I had an old pair of white curtains stored away in my linen closet that was perfect for this little makeover. This makeover cost me nothing extra since I already had all the supplies on hand from previous projects.


You'll need:

Set of white curtains

1 yard of fabric

3-4 yards of pom fringe



  1. Prewash and iron your fabric. Cut it into two 18" panels and serge all the raw edges. (You may have some shrinkage. Just cut it into two even panels.)
  2. Place your fabric onto the very bottom of your curtains and pin into place. Leave space on the sides and bottom to fold over your seams.
  3. Sew your fabric onto your curtain. I used a 1/4" seam allowance, but you can use whatever you're most comfortable with.
  4. Once your fabric is sewn into place, measure the amount of pom fringe you'll need for each panel. Mine were 40" wide. I cut my fringe at 41" to allow for a 1/2" fold over on each side to keep the edges clean.
  5. Pin and sew the pom fringe in place.

This is such a quick and easy update to a pair of curtains. My daughter loves closing the curtains and playing with her dolls behind them. She calls it her "cave". I foresee longer quiet times in the mornings, which means more sleep for me. Win, win!

We love Maria's project and are so happy we could share it work you! To see more of Maria's projects, you can visit her blog, Craft Crazy Mom.  You can also follow her on Pinterest and Facebook. Thanks so much for posting with us Maria! 

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  • david james January 17, 2014 at 2:22 AM

    Wow.!!!! I liked it so much. Where can i buy it???

    • Nicole N. January 17, 2014 at 4:01 AM

      Hi David,
      This was a DIY project. Unfortunately it is not available in stores.


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