Glitter Spiderweb Pumpkin DIY

Carving pumpkins is a great way to bring the family together. However, along with that fun comes the mess of the carving process. Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween and decorating for fall, but I do not like carving pumpkins. Here at RoomMates, we are participating in a company-wide decorating contest, and in preparation we have been spending our lunches carving or decorating pumpkins.

Janelle, a graphic designer here at RoomMates, created this spiderweb themed pumpkin using glitter glue. I knew I had to share it with you!

Here is a step-by-step process to recreate her spooky pumpkin:

Step 1:

Gather your supplies. You will need newspaper, glitter glue (we used silver and black), and of course a pumpkin. Lay the newspaper on the table for easy cleanup and then begin!


Step 2:

Start by creating vertical lines along the natural ridges of the pumpkin with the silver glitter glue.


Once this is complete, your pumpkin will look like this.


Step 3:

Now you will start to create the spiderweb design. Connect your vertical lines with small strokes to make a web.  Allow the pumpkin to dry for about 10-15 minutes before continuing to step 4.


Step 4:

We're almost there! One last little touch that will really make your pumpkin complete: carefully draw a spider hanging on the web with the black glitter paint.


Janelle chose to paint this pumpkin because it's a quick and fun alternative to carving. By using glitter glue, your pumpkin will sparkle during the day and at night  The spooky spider added at the end completes the look, but you can opt to leave it off if you don't want to scare your little ones?

Do you have a unique Halloween DIY project? Feel free to share your ideas with us by leaving us a comment!

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