Getting Creative with Tree Branches Wall Decals

As we’ve noted several times in past blog posts, our Tree Branches wall decals are among our most versatile and customizable designs. We’ve seen all sorts of creative projects created with these simple black leaves and branches: the Clay Family made a family tree, Carol combined two packs to create a large tree with sweet little birds, and and we even dressed it up for the winter holidays with sparkling snowflakes and gems. We’ve heard so many comments about how clever these projects are – and several additional idea for projects involving the same wall decals – that we thought we’d highlight three more of our favorite ideas that we’ve found. Keep on reading to get the details and instructions on completing these projects yourself!

Aryll's Jewelry Tree

I found this project completely by accident while browsing Pinterest (where you can now follow us – hint, hint!). I followed the link to a post on Offbeat Home, one of my favorite blogs, where it is revealed that Aryll combined wall decals with silver tacks to create the effect of necklaces hanging from tree branches. I was actually in the middle of re-pinning the image to one of our boards, probably with my usual comment of “so cool!” when I went “wait a second…” After some squinting at the pictures, I realized it: duh, those are our Tree Branches!


Aryll graciously gave me permission to post one of her photos here, and I am so happy she did, because this project is very much worth sharing! Doing this is very simple: apply the branches in any configuration you please, then stick tacks or pins into the wall just above the decal. If you don’t want to poke holes in your wall, or would rather have an option that “blends in,” you could perhaps look for very tiny removable hooks – like these “micro” Command hooks – that could be spray-painted black and stuck to the branches or leaves. Once your pins or hooks are in place, simply hang your jewelry… and you’re done! This is not only an easy way to display your favorite necklaces or bracelets, but also an effective method for keeping your jewelry for becoming tangled in a jewelry box or drawer.

Thanks so much to Aryll for allowing us to share! You can get more info and see another picture of the jewelry tree project by visiting the original post on Offbeat Home here.

Aaron and Jessica's Custom-Sized Tree

The size dilemma: it’s one we’ve all faced. How many times have you found the perfect piece of décor, only to realize it’s too big or too small for its intended space? Aaron and Jessica found themselves with a small space in their home that needed a piece of wall décor, and they chose to use the Tree Branches to fill the empty spot. However, the recommended assembly of the tree would have been too tall and wide for the space – so they custom-built a smaller, shorter tree that worked with their existing décor. Take a look:

Tree Branches wall decals as a small tree

Aaron described this installation as a “pain,” but it looks like it was all worth it! The tree compliments the existing furniture and décor, and adds interest to the wall without becoming a distraction. I’m sure this custom layout took some careful planning and trial and error – so it’s a good thing our wall decals are removable and repositionable!

You can check out additional ideas for adapting RoomMates to fit a small space by visiting this previous blog post.

Jennifer's Holiday Tree with Hooks

Jennifer of Organization Zealot has been a longtime fan of RoomMates, brightening up our days with cheerful comments on our Facebook page since the very beginning. A little while ago, she sent us a fun project she’d completed with the Tree Branches in her home, something she called the “Art Tree.” This project combines a standard application of the wall decals with one very fun addition: hooks and hanging décor! Here’s the Art Tree decorated for Valentine’s Day:

Tree Branches wall decals with hooks and Valentine's Day decor

This project is particularly creative because it allows Jennifer to re-decorate her tree for every season. She hung Valentine’s Day items on it for the month of February, but she could follow that up with green décor or paper clovers for March, Easter eggs or cute bunny and chick ornaments for April, beach-related items for the summer, leaves for the fall… the sky is the limit! The tree always stays the same – but if Jennifer wants, she can always reposition the branches to better accommodate larger pieces of décor, more hooks, or additional even additional wall decals. (Why not layer some 3D flowers or butterflies on top for spring? Marvelous!)

Of these three creative projects, which one is your favorite? Have you done something special with your Tree Branches, or any one of our other many wall decals? Let us know – we might just feature your pictures right here on our blog! Email us with your photos and decorating story, and we’ll be more than happy to share your great ideas with everyone.

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