Friday Finds: DIY Dog Ideas

Let's face it: we love our dogs like family. Though they might tear apart your favorite chair or have accidents in the house, in a few moments we are quick to forgive and forget. My Friday Finds for this week include five star accommodations, fine dining, and some familiar faces.

First and foremost, your dog has to have a comfortable place to lounge—and preferably not on the furniture. This pet corner makes use of an otherwise wasted space.

image from Weekend Decor image from Weekend Decor

If your dog is like my dog, he does not know how to pick up his toys. A pet corner would create an area for all toys to reside. Guests coming over? No problem: just add a gate to the area to keep guests from being trampled by your pup. Now I am wishing I had an awkward space in my house to transform into a pet corner.

My second find for the week has your dog dining in style.

image from Better Homes and Gardens image from Better Homes and Gardens

A feeding station fit for a king was created by transforming two old wooden chairs into food bowl holders. This is perfect for large breed dogs. I was looking for a raised bowl holder but did not want to spend a fortune. By using old chairs, it is much more cost effective and adds an element of customization.


If you're looking for a quick and easy way to decorate your child's room with their favorite furry friends, check out our Puppy Spots wall decals. They are super easy to apply and are absolutely adorable!

What would a dog post be without including some of our own furry friends? We couldn't resist the opportunity to share our babies with you.


Brodie is Nicole K.'s seven month old Labrador Retriever mix. What is he mixed with? Good question! “Brodus Maximus” is a furry ball of energy who loves playing with his football and soccer ball in the yard, chewing on rawhides, and learning new tricks. (He has recently mastered shaking and giving high-fives with both paws.) He's pictured above about to take a nap in his favorite spot, a bay window in Nicole's living room.


Briggs, short for Brigsley, is my one year old Golden Retriever. Briggs loves being outside chewing on sticks or whatever else he can get his paws on. He loves playing in his best friend Legend's kiddie pool and swimming in the pond.

Do you have any easy DIY ideas for pampering your pooch or dressing up your walls with the friendly faces of your favorite puppies? Let us know in the comments!

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