DIY Confetti Dot Wall In Under 30 Minutes

It’s a new year and that means time for renewal, resetting and redecorating! The top trends for 2015 have finally been announced, and we’ve quickly started to consume ourselves on how we can take our favorite trends and add them into the home.

DIY Confetti Dot Wall

2015 Trend Predictions

For a quick rundown, some of the biggest trends predicted for this year are glitter & sparkles, monochromics, bright and bold floral designs, and polka dots! Polka dots, a trend being deemed as “fashionable forever,” have overtime become a design trend that continues to evolve and always stays in style. From fashion to shoes to luggage and home décor, we’ve decided to incorporate this “fun, here to stay” design into our homes. Keep reading to learn how to create your own Confetti Dot wall in just 30 minutes!

Create a DIY Confetti Dot Wall In Under 30 Minutes

There are a few ways to create this colorful dotted wall look. First, select your dots! From glitter dots, neutral dots, black and white and even glow-in-the-dark, we have a variety of dot wall stickers to decorate your wall with. Choose dot colors that you can draw inspiration from and will pair nicely with your wall color and décor.

Glow in the Dark Dots Wall Decals Glow in the Dark Dots Wall Decals
Black and White Dot Wall Decals Writable Black and White Dot Wall Decals (Chalk & Dry Erase)

Next, position your dots on the wall. Just peel them off the backing and stick them to the area you are decorating.


For a trendy look, overlap your dots and place them side by side.



Lastly, before sticking all your dots to the wall, identify your dot style. In the bedroom below, we positioned the dots to resemble a scattered look using the side-by-side design technique with additional dots sprinkled in on the wall.

Neutral Confetti Dots Peel and Stick Wall Decals

In the play area, we used the corner of the room to position dots to close to one another and then separated them as we moved away from the corner.


Primary Confetti Dots Wall Decals

And that's it!

In 30 minutes or less, this simple project will add a wow factor to your blank wall.

When decorating with dots, remember…

All our dots are completely removable and reusable. If you want to make a change and save them for later, just peel your dots from the wall and stick back on the original backing. You can use them again and again or on other projects like refrigerators, washing machines, decorative boxes and more!

Hope you are inspired. Stay tuned for  simple DIY projects to do around the home with wall stickers and check out Project Corner on our blog for even more ideas!

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