Dana's "Happi" Bedroom

Our Scroll Tree MegaPack is definitely a customer favorite. We're constantly receiving photos of this cheerful tree being used in nurseries and bedrooms. And since the introduction of the coordinating Scroll Tree Branch and customizable Letter Branch wall decals, we've heard from a large number of customers who are combining all three designs with matching Happi by Dena bedding and accessories to make a truly "Happi" room!

Dana is one such customer. When she set out to update her daughter Macie's room, she used all three sets of wall decals to decorate. Dana wrote us this email about her room redo:

I came across your decals months ago online and absolutely loved them. It took me eight hours to put them up, but that's only because I had to have everything just right. I started out by cutting out the tree pieces, and then I arranged them on the floor until I figured out how I wanted my tree to look.

After I had the tree up, I cut out all of the other pieces (which took a long time), then taped them on the wall with masking tape so that I could make sure everything was just how I wanted it. The hardest part was figuring out where I wanted each piece to go. Actually putting them on the wall was simple. They are very easy to work with!

Let's take a look at Macie's room:


Isn't this adorable? Dana built a completely new take on the Scroll Tree by adding in the Scroll Tree Branch—this is what allowed her to build a tree with two long branches on the bottom. Here's a closer look at the tree:

Closeup of Scroll Tree wall decals

In Dana's email, she mentions that she used nearly all of the 300+ wall decals. After building her tree, Dana used some of the pieces of the Scroll Tree Letter Branch to create a special “time out” corner for her daughter, as seen below...

Timeout corner with Scroll Branch wall decals

... and added the rest of the flowers, letters, and animal friends to empty spots on the walls, allowing the theme to be extended throughout the bedroom. The owl pillows, dotted curtains, and owl bedding also match, making the theme truly cohesive.

Wall with Scroll Branch wall decals

I love what Dana did here, and it sounds like Macie loves it too! Dana says she's “more than thrilled” with the way the room came out. Let's hope both mom and daughter enjoy their room for many months to come. Thanks to Dana for sending in your photos and decorating story!

Have a decorating story of your own that you'd like to share? If you have photos of a creative way you've used RoomMates, we want to see them! Visit our Customer Submissions page to find out how you can win a $25 gift certificate just by submitting your photos. We hope to hear from you soon!

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