Creating a Scrapbook or Photo Album with RoomMates

Photo albums and scrapbooks are a great way to save and share your fondest memories. But who says they have to be boring? Today we'll show you how to easily make your next photo album fabulous with the help of our wall decals. If you thought RoomMates were just for your walls, think again!


What you’ll need:

  • A blank scrapbook or photo album
  • RoomMates wall decals
  • Scrapbooking supplies or decorative elements (optional)
Pick your wall decals and photo album

1. Select your photo album and wall decals

Pick up a photo album or scrapbook from your local craft or hobby supply. Once you've decided on a theme for your scrapbook, you should have no trouble finding RoomMates wall decals to match: use our Surf's Up stickers for a beach vacation, Jungle Adventure for a trip to the zoo, Education Station for the first day of school...

Size matters when you're selecting stickers for your album: make sure the largest decal in your set is no bigger than the pages in your book. You can find a range of sizes for all of our wall decals on their product pages, under the label “dimensions.”

Insert your photos

2. Insert your photos

Add your photos of choice to your album or scrapbook. If you're using a plain scrapbook, which doesn't have a space designated for each photo, make sure you leave enough room for your RoomMates!

It may be helpful to lay out your photos, stickers, and any additional accents on each page before they're actually applied—that way you can be sure you're satisfied with each page before anything is permanent. Consider cutting your sheets of RoomMates into smaller pieces to make visualizing your design a little easier.

Apply RoomMates wall decals to your album

3. Apply your RoomMates!

Now that your photos are in place, apply RoomMates wall decals to your album. Use the larger elements on empty pages or the front and back covers, and the smaller pieces to accent photos. If your pages are glossy, you can reposition the decals just as you would on the wall!

Once you've finished applying your RoomMates, consider adding extra charm to your scrapbook with smaller stickers, buttons, glitter, and other fun elements. You could even layer some of these elements on top of your RoomMates for unique special effects!

To help you get inspired, here's a few pictures of a scrapbook decorated with RoomMates that one of our graphic designers created. This scrapbook holds pictures of her family's celebration of Christmas, and is decorated with our Santa Claus wall decals.

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