Color Ideas For Your Home: Trendy vs. Classic Colors

How does one use trendy colors in their home and still pull off a timeless look? This is a question many homeowners face as they seek ways to add the latest color trends into their home. The answer is to add these colors wisely. There’s no harm in decorating a home with trendy colors. You just have to know when it’s okay to go trendy and when it’s better to stick with the classics. Read on to discover color ideas for your home.

Where To Use Trendy Colors

Keeping up with the latest color trends is a great way to freshen up your home’s look. When done strategically, it requires little effort on your end. You can incorporate trendy colors using small furniture, accessories (such as pillows, wall art, lamps and mirrors) as well as your walls. Decorative accessories and smaller furniture pieces like light fixtures or a side chair can be easily replaced without hurting your room’s overall style. If you decide to add the latest colors with wallpaper or paint, updating the look later on is fairly easy and inexpensive, too.


Where To Use Classic Colors

While some elements of your home’s interior design can be easily updated, others tend to be more permanent. Use classic colors for your home’s long-term, and typically higher investment essentials such as large furniture pieces, carpets, cabinetry and countertops. This will prevent you from having to remodel year after year, and you'll still be able to incorporate more trendy colors in other areas of the room.


Follow Your Intuition

There’s no hard rule that says you have to use trendy colors for accessories and classic colors for your more long-term furnishings. If you find a dazzling sofa that you must have, then by all means buy it! Your home should be your castle and as such, should reflect your personal style. However, it's good to keep these considerations in mind, so you can spend less time remodeling and more time enjoying your space.
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