Brielle Builds Olaf The Snowman

RoomMater Brielle loves Disney Frozen and most of all loves Olaf! She had so much fun decorating her walls with RoomMates Frozen wall decals that she was happy to share her story with us. We asked her a few questions below about her personal experience building her very own Olaf on her walls.
Her Favorite Part: She had a few. She got to build not one but two Olafs!  She was so excited that there was a second snowman to build. She also loved putting on Olafs’ arms and placing the snowflakes all around where she liked!

Her Decorating Tip: Smooth him out really nice.

Her Special Technique: Counting all of the snowflakes to make sure they were even.

Her Final Thoughts: I’m really glad that he didn’t melt! He’s not cold like real snow but that’s okay because I don’t like wearing mittens.


As easy as peel and stick!

See Brielle in action below as she builds her very own Olaf the Snowman with RoomMates wall stickers.




 Want to build your own Frozen Olaf like Brielle?


Brielle built our Disney Frozen Olaf the Snowman Wall Decals, which can be found here. As she mentioned, this wall sticker set comes with two Olafs, one with Olaf jumping for joy and one with Olaf waving his arm. For even more  Frozen, shop our entire Frozen wall sticker collection here! RoomMates Disney Wall Stickers are removable, reusable and repositional. Move them from wall to wall and have fun creating your own Frozen room decor in minutes!


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