Birch Tree Inspired Nursery

Grays are becoming more and more popular for nursery walls. The color gray conveys a sense of balance and calmness. The hue is not only timeless but conveys practicality and sophistication. Plus, it also allows for creative décor choices when decorating and carries well for easy room updates as your child grows older.

When decorating your nursery, there are many decisions to make after the paint color has been crossed off the list from the color furniture, to wall art, shelves, crib size and more. Creating décor that quickly and easily helps moms-to-be decorate their new nursery, we’ve combined the two popular design trends, gray and birch to create a birch tree inspired nursery for your little one.

Building your birch tree nursery is exciting, and unlike paint if you make a mistake, no problem! Each tree is removable, so you can peel and stick until you get it right. Before you begin, make sure painted walls have had around two to three weeks to completely dry.

How To Build Your Birch Tree Inspired Nursery

  1. If you’re a visual person like we are, compare your decal sheets to the box to visually think out how you’d like to place your branches, trees and leaves. Each sticker sheet does have guided numbers as a recommended pattern to follow.
  2. Follow the number guide and start building your birch trees! We recommend spacing each tree trunk a few inches apart. Start by constructing a few trees to see if you how it appears on the wall.
  3. If the birch trees are inline how you’d like them, keep building. Just peel and stick. Each tree is 95.5 inches high. You may want to use a stool or chair for applying the tops of the tree trunks.
  4. Once the tree trunks are in place, add your branches.
  5. We offer various lengths on your tree trunks as it is likely some will need to be shorter to make room for windows. Please note our wall decals can be cut if more specific pieces are needed! The vinyl wall sticker is thin so cutting is very easy.
  6. Continue adding tree trunks and branches until you have them spread across your wall. Each wall decal pack comes with four sheets of wall stickers. Your birch tree pack will also include leaves to keep on all year round, or to add as spring arrives.
  7. That's it. You're finished. Enjoy your birch tree inspired nursery!


To learn more about our birch trees, view this product here.

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