Applying RoomMates Wall Stickers to Wallpaper

With the release of our Disney Kids collection of coordinated wallpapers and wall decals, we're sure some of you have one particular question on your mind: “can I apply wall decals to my wallpaper?” Happily, the answer is yes! But before you start slapping wall stickers on top of your combinedfreshly applied wallpaper, you should know that there is a “right” way to do this process. We've written this short how-to guide to keep you from making any mistakes that may damage your brand new wallpaper.


Hanging new wallpaper? Read our helpful wallpaper hanging guide. IMPORTANT: RoomMates recommends allowing new wallpaper to cure for two weeks before applying wall stickers! Please only proceed with these instructions after your wallpaper has been given time to settle in place.

Clean the wallpaper

1. Clean your wallpaper

Wipe down the surface of your wallpaper with a dry cloth.

RoomMates wall decals work best on a completely smooth, clean area, so be sure your wallpaper is free of dust and dirt. If there are any stains, clean them carefully with a damp cloth, or follow the cleaning and care instructions included with your wallpaper.

Test the decals

2. Test your wall decals

Apply a small decal to an inconspicuous area on your wallpaper. Wait 1-2 days, then remove the test decal. Examine both the area and the back of the decal for any signs of damage or adhesive ineffectiveness.

This process is best done in an area that will not normally be seen—behind furniture or in a corner.

Apply the decals

3. Apply the wall decals

If your test decal removes cleanly, you can safely apply the rest of your RoomMates wall decals to your wallpaper.

Get creative with any leftover RoomMates you may have! Since they can be applied to any flat surface, you can stick them on the ceiling, light switches, paneling, windows, mirrors, doors, and more. Don't limit yourself to just one wall!

With a little patience and precaution, we think you'll find wallpaper and wall decals to be a knockout combination. Want some ideas on patterns? Check out our Disney Kids wall decor collection, or use our Store Locator to find a retailer that carries RoomMates designs.

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