Amazing Accent Walls

There's something fresh, clean, and natural about plain white walls. Their simplicity allows us to view them almost as a plain canvas, one that can be decorated in a huge variety of ways. But why not make the wall itself the focus, rather than what you put on or against it?

When I moved into my current rental home, I was given free reign to do whatever I wanted to the walls -- and you better believe that I immediately pulled down all the floral wallpaper from the early 80s. After some primer and paint, the walls have been restored to a simple stark white, which is usually my preference... but I have to admit that sometimes I look around and wonder if I'm not missing something.

Rather than dive headfirst into the idea of paint or wallpaper in an entire room, I'm considering an accent wall. This would fill in some too-empty space, add a punch of color, and serve as a great conversation starter.

For example, I could freshen up my empty dining room with some graphic patterned wallpaper. One roll of paper would be enough to fill in a wall above my wood chair rails. I especially like our graphic tablewear paper, shown below in an accent application...

our Graphic Tableware wallpaper in a kitchen our Graphic Tableware wallpaper in a kitchen

Or I could get crafty and paint some stripes or patterns by hand. This chevron accent wall has long been one of my favorites for making the best of a small strip of wall that might otherwise go unused.

chevron accent wall from East Coast Creative chevron accent wall from East Coast Creative

This next idea is really amazing: a reclaimed wood wall. This would take a ton of planning, nails, and hard work, but the final result looks totally worth it! I love the rustic look of the individual boards and the occasional gaps between the pieces that show the dark wood walls behind each board.

reclaimed wood accent wall from Living Vintage reclaimed wood accent wall from Living Vintage

Or... for an accent wall that really pops... the combination of bright paint and wall decals. This bright red wall really makes a statement with some silver polka dot wall decals placed on top. This one might be my favorite, actually. (And I dig those ombre curtains!)

polka dot accent wall from #momlife polka dot accent wall from #momlife

There are a ton of possibilities for accent walls. You can start small with paint, get creative with stones, wood, or other crafty materials, stick up some decals, or go all the way with graphic wallpaper. Make a statement -- and don't be afraid to experiment! If you paint a wall or small space and don't love with it, all you have to do is paint over it. And if you use wall decals in your accent wall, remember that you can remove and reposition them whenever you want.

Do you have an accent wall in your home? What does it look like? Feel free to share with us!

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