7 Wall Decals For People Who Love Learning

With the school year now in full swing, it is time to create an inspirational and engaging space for the learning-lovers in your life.

Whether you’re a student who loves outer space, a teacher helping your pupils engage with literature, or a lifelong learner with a deep love for dinosaurs, we have the perfect wall decals for everyone who knows that school is totally cool.

Space Travel Wall Decals

Prepare to launch into amazing decor with Space Travel Wall Decals.

Space Travel Wall Decals

With 24 stellar decals, be transported without leaving the comfort of your home or classroom. Click here to find decals that are totally out of this world.

Dinosaur Wall Decals

Dinosaur Wall Decals

 Extinct creatures come back to life with our Dinosaur Wall Decals, perfect for home, work or school. Featuring a wide-range of epic reptiles, make your space feel a little less like the 21st century and slightly more like the Jurassic age. Available here.

Eiffel Tower Giant Wall Decals

Eiffel Tower Giant Wall Decals

 Perfect for your favorite Francophone, make your space feel like a Parisian apartment. Complete with additional French quotes and travel-themed decals, design a wall that will make you say, “J’adore.” Available here.

Dry Erase World Map Giant Wall Decals

Dry Erase World Map Giant Wall Decal

Show that the world is a vibrant, thriving place with our brightly colored world map. Perfect for teaching or day-dreaming, dry erase allows you to mark exactly where you want to explore. Available here.

Cooking Conversations Wall Decals

Cooking Conversions Wall Decals

While super fun and totally rewarding, cooking can be a little confusing and overwhelming. Perfect for home economics teachers, these decals will make cooking and baking easier. To make your cooking a breeze, shop the decals here.

Harry Potter Muggies Quote Giant Wall Decals

Harry Potter Muggles Quote Giant Wall Decals

Perfect for the English teacher or the Harry Potter fan, install this giant quote wall decal and spark imagination. Inspirational and bright, use in any space to create a refreshing and encouraging atmosphere. Available here.

Multicolored Alphabet Giant Wall Decals

Multicolored Alphabet Giant Wall Decals

 Create an exciting learning environment for the little ones around you with colorful alphabet wall decals. With bright colors to stimulate their senses, use in a classroom or a nursery and make early development and learning exciting and engaging. Available here.

We have loads of more decals that are perfect for nearly any space. Shop all of our decals here and find the decal that’s perfect for you.

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