5 Ways To Create Your Dream Laundry Room

Any family with mountains of laundry wishes they had help with that ceaseless chore. It’s the task that sometimes seems endless. The more you do, the more there seems to be to do.

Since laundry is a routine chore, you can whip it into shape by making a few changes and creating a new routine. Learn 5 ways to create your laundry room below.

Ways To Make Laundry Easier


  1. Go Large-Capacity

Washers and dryers have changed. The large-capacity washers can handle in one load what used to take you two. That’s cutting your laundry time in half. If your time is valuable—and whose isn’t? — then it’s worth it to invest in a bigger capacity washer and dryer.

Another option is to consider doubling up on your laundry appliances. If you have a large laundry room, you might be able to add another washer and dryer so you can do twice the laundry in the same amount of time. Or, consider adding units to another floor of your house. Even a stackable washer and dryer in a closet could help reduce your work.

  1. Get Organized

How To Organize Laundry

 Get everyone involved. Gift each member of your family with their own hamper for their bedroom or bath. You want to make it super convenient so they will put it to use. Add a hamper wherever dirty clothes seem to accumulate. You might need one in the laundry room or mud room too. The additional hampers help keep dirty clothes off the floor.

Next, tackle clean clothes. Buy a laundry basket for each family member. You can use a different color for each person or you label baskets with a permanent marker. This makes sorting clean clothes so easy. Toss clean laundry into color-coded baskets for tweens and teens to fold themselves. Young children can identify their colorful basket and help put away clothes into their drawers.

But what about the things you wash that aren’t clothes? Putting away the rest of your laundry is even easier with an organized linen closet. Have a designated shelf or bin for bed linens, extra towels, guest bedding, blankets and more. Be sure to label each shelf or bin clearly—that way, you can designate the task to another family member, and everything will still be put away correctly.

  1. Clear Laundry Room Clutter

How To Clear Laundry Room Clutter

Getting laundry done is even more difficult when you have to step over heaps of shoes, mounds of sports equipment and a hamster cage. The laundry room tends to become a depository for everything carried in the house that doesn’t have a home. Add mounds of laundry to those other things, and you have a recipe for chaos.

Take time to make life easier by clearing the clutter. Use laundry room cabinets and shelves to neatly store necessary items such as detergent, cleaning supplies and light bulbs. Move sports gear and other odds and ends to a designated closet or storage unit. Leave surfaces clear so that you have room for folding clothes and a place to line up the family’s color-coded baskets.

  1. Lay Some Ground Rules

Laundry can really back up when there isn’t a routine for getting it done. Waiting until no one has a clean outfit usually means you have mountains of dirty things. Instead, try setting up a few rules.

  • Create a schedule for laundry—perhaps a day for each family member or a day for white clothes, another for darks and another for towels. The important part is to find a routine that will stick.
  • Decide on family expectations. Who is to do the laundry? Toddlers can drop their dirty things in the hamper. Young children can help you put away clean clothes. Kids can bring their dirty things to the laundry room. Tweens and teens can be supervised and taught to do their own Set guidelines for your family to follow.
  • If you tend to have a lot of clothes to fold, have a family folding party to make it fun. Everyone folds and sorts, and when the chore is done, you can play a game, pop some popcorn or watch a show together.
  • Add laundry room cleaning to your weekly to-do list. Keep it decluttered and organized, and it will remain a great place to work.
  1. Design a Laundry Room You Love

Laundry Quote Wall Decals

Once you’ve cleared the clutter, take a step back and ask yourself if you love your laundry room. The more you enjoy a space, the easier it is to work in it. Your laundry room should be treated like any other room in your home. Bring in design elements that reflect you and your personality.

Some ideas to consider in your laundry room include:

Clearing the clutter and creating a beautiful room for doing laundry will make tackling the task more enjoyable. Add in a change in routine or equipment plus some help from the family, and you’ll find doing laundry is much easier.

Professional organizational expert Lea Schneider provides tips for decluttering the home and better leveraging storage space. Lea writes her tips on homes and family life for The Home Depot. For a variety of washer and dryer options, see the Home Depot website.

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