5 Easy Nursery Organization Ideas

About the only thing that grows as fast as your baby are the mounds of clothing your baby has outgrown. The Mayo Clinic reports your baby may triple his or her birth weight by age one, so that’s a lot of clothing to handle.

Newborn, three-month, six-month, nine-month and 12-month clothing starts to pile up quickly. With all those different sizes and changes happening so rapidly, it’s no wonder parents get overwhelmed. Here are some of my favorite professional tips for organizing nurseries and all those baby clothes. Just follow these 5 easy nursery organization ideas to keep your nursery organized!

1. Start at the Changing Table

Woodland Wall Stickers

You’ll spend a lot of time at the changing table, so make it user-friendly. Remember the person who sets up the changing table will not be the only person changing a diaper and clothing. Keep everything at the ready and easily found.

  • Place diapers and necessary supplies within arm’s reach, as you will want to keep one hand on the baby at all times.
  • Divide clothing into drawers by type. With infants, it can be confusing to tell pajamas from outfits, so separation is really helpful.
  • Only keep current sizes in the drawers that are convenient. If you have extra space in the bottom drawer, you can place the next few sizes there.

*Bonus Tip! When you decorate your nursery, be aware that it won’t be long before your baby will be stretching up their arms to grab at anything you put over the changing table. Framed art under glass or heavy items can easily fall down. Make sure you choose decor that’s safe to place there like RoomMates Woodland Creatures Peel & Stick Wall Decals (featured above). Wall decals are fast and easy to create imaginative scenes on the walls in seconds, and they are removable and repositionable, making it very easy to update with a new design as your baby gets older! Discover more RoomMates nursery wall decals here.

2. Plan for Storage


A stack of storage tubs is just the ticket for sorting sizes your child has yet to grow into or for sizes have outgrown. Setting up a tub system is so easy. Make sure to check the dimensions of your storage space before buying tubs. For baby clothes, you’ll typically need one tub for each size.

As your baby grows, you’ll find you need to put larger clothing into the changing table drawers. Keep any tub you empty handy, as you’ll need it again soon. For example, if you place six-month size clothing in the changing table, leave the six-month tub empty and on the top of the stack. When you find a six-month size outfit is too small, drop it back into the correct tub in order to stay organized. You’ll find some styles or manufacturer’s run big or small, so your baby won’t outgrow everything at one time.

When you purchase clothing in a bigger size to save for later or receive a hand-me-down, you’ll be able to drop it in the right tub and find it when needed later on.

3. Organize with Labels

Labels To Organize Nursery

Labels are the best way for more than one person to effectively use any space. If one person organizes anything without labels, including baby clothes, then no one else can find a thing. It’s easy to create labels on your computer and print them out, as I have done here. I used some clip art to identify if the clothing was summer or winter and added the corresponding ages.

  • On storage bins: Simply tape on the labels. Since the bins are sturdy and you can use them for years, you’ll be able to change the label for other purposes later on.
  • On drawers or the changing table: Label the edges of the drawers so other family members or sitters can find what they need. You don’t need to mar the furniture with big labels on the front—just apply a small peel-off label to the lip of the drawer. You can use a label maker to print one out or handwrite one on a small slip of paper.

4. In the Closet

Size Labels For Baby Clothes

Don’t forget the hanging clothes! Keep pretty dresses or tiny shirts neatly pressed and on hangers. Divide clothing by sizes.

You can add labels to your baby’s closet in a couple of ways. In this closet, I used laundry hook clothespins to hold labels I’d printed. You can also attach them to a clip-style hanger or tape them to a traditional hanger. If you don’t want to make the labels yourself, you can purchase premade labels.

5. Other Great Storage Ideas

Shoe Organizer For Baby

There are always odds and ends that just don’t seem to match up with a particular size. It’s often hard to know what size shoes your child will be wearing in advance. The same goes for hats or other accessories. Sometimes, items like little sweaters or jackets might span several age ranges. Here are a few great ideas to add to your storage organization.

  • Get a stack of plastic drawers. I’ve used the ones above for tiny shoes. Because they don’t need to be stacked and unstacked to find an item, they are perfect for the odds and ends. In this stack of drawers, I’ve placed shoes, hats and bonnets and swimwear.
  • Add a step stool. Tuck a step stool into your child’s closet so you can easily make use of the closet shelves for storage.
  • Go low. If you add a bed skirt to the crib, you’ll have some instant hidden storage. Tuck under-the-bed bins under the crib.
  • Get flexible. Plastic storage bags are flexible and can be squeezed into spots like the uppermost shelf of the closet, where a large, ridged box might not fit.
  • Be wise. Keep only the hand-me-downs you love and can use. Your summer baby might outgrow a gifted snow suit before winter hits. Everyone has different taste in clothing, so don’t store something that you know you won’t use on your child. Additionally, keep numbers in mind. It’s unlikely you’ll need 10 pairs of six-month baby jeans, even if they were free. Create your own hand-me-down bag and pass along or donate the things you can’t use instead of struggling with storing the excess.

Get creative with your storage options and use labels liberally in order to create an easy-to-navigate system. Once you have a home for everything, you’ll find it’s easy to keep all of your baby’s clothes organized.

Lea Schneider is a home organization expert who writes on topics of interest to parents for Home Depot. To review many of the storage solutions referenced by Lea, you can visit Home Depot's website.

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