15 Under $15: Budget-Friendly Decals for Your Child’s Space

Give your child’s space a quick facelift. With our affordable wall decals, it’s never been easier to make quick updates to your little one’s room.

We’ve selected 15 of our favorite wall decals under $15 that will take your interior design to the next level.

Jungle Adventure Wall Decals

Jungle Adventure Wall Decals - $14.99

Set out on a new adventure every day with jungle wall decals. Featuring multiple exotic animals, refresh your child’s space with a dash of the wild side. Available here.

Lazoo Boys Wall Decals

Lazoo Boys Wall Decals - $14.99

Take over the city with monster-inspired wall decals. Featuring a large monkey, a giant lizard and a fire-breathing dragon, create an epic scene on your child’s wall. Available here.

Vintage Planes Wall Decals

Vintage Planes Wall Decals - $14.99

 Take a trip down memory lane as vintage planes swoop all over your walls. Complete with 15 different aircraft, take your space up, up and away. Available here.

Colorful Dots Wall Decals Colorful Dots Wall Decals - $14.99

Instantly brighten your play room with colorful, bubbly details. Complete with 31 wall decals, get the best bang for your buck and update your walls in an instant. Available here.

Dragon Hunter Wall Decals

Dragon Hunter Wall Decals - $14.99

Become your little one’s design hero with 24 fantasy-inspired wall decals. Update a space with ease and give them a taste of wonderment for the things unknown. Available here.

White Clouds Wall Decals

White Clouds Wall Decals - $14.99

Turn your little one’s space into a light, airy sanctuary with our cloud wall decals. Apply all over the walls for a moment of areal beauty or stimulate the senses by creating shapes and animals. Available here.

Boho Alphabet Wall Decals

Boho Alphabet Wall Decals - $14.99

Totally customizable, funky patterns turn into inspirational phrases with Boho Alphabet Wall Decals. Featuring multiples of each letter, add your favorite quote or your little one’s name for a touch of special details. Available here.

Babysauraus Wall Decals

Babysaurus Wall Decals - $14.99

Dinosaur friends cover your walls with smiling faces and bright colors. Perfect for a nursery or play room, give the walls a Jurassic touch. Available here.

Watercolor Triangles Wall Decals

Watercolor Triangles Wall Decals - $14.99

Add subtle touches of color with watercolor geometric wall decals. Perfect for your child with a creative side, arrange decals in an instant, without fear of damaging walls. Available here.

Koalas Wall Decals

Koalas Wall Decals - $14.99

Cuddly critters bring playfulness to your walls. Perfect for a nursery or bedroom, place 20 decals around your space for touches of youthful charm. Available here.

Rest Your Pretty Head Wall Decals

Rest Your Pretty Head Wall Decals - $14.99

 Send your little one to sleep with darling wall decals that ensure a beautiful design. Use decals around the room or create a headboard design above a bed. Available here.

Gold Foil Hearts Wall Decals

Gold Foil Hearts Wall Decals

Add gold detail and pattern to your walls with Gold Foil Hearts Wall Decals. Create an accent wall or use all over your room to bring shining highlights in just a few moments. Available here.

Be Brave Little One Quote Wall Decals

Be Brave Little One Quote Wall Decals - $14.99

Give your little darling the courage to embrace this big, beautiful life with boldness. Featuring 16 wall decals to arrange as you wish, create an inspirational moment with ease. Available here.

Camping Wall Decals

Camping Wall Decals - $14.99

Make your space feel like a campground with 24 outdoor-themed wall decals. Featuring a campfire, a tent and other camping essentials, arrange to perfection and create an affordable, cozy atmosphere. Available here.

Little Explorer Animal Silhouette Wall Decals

Little Explorer Animal Silhouette Wall Decals - $14.99

Bring the daring wild to your little one. Featuring all kinds of wildlife, use decals to accent your walls in just a few moments. Available here.

Upgrading your space has never been easier on your wallet. Shop our entire Wall Decal collection to find the decal that is perfect for your space and amazing for your budget.

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