Wallpaper Murals

Wallpaper Murals

Make a big impact in your den, living room, kid's bedroom and more with our XL Wall Murals.

Try on one of our XL Wall Murals for size! These massive wallpaper murals measure up to 15 feet wide, and are a quick and easy way to completely transform any room. From cityscapes to superheroes, Disney wall murals, cool Popular Characters and wall murals for kids, our XL Wall Murals have you covered.

Wall Murals Made From Innovative Wallpaper

Our XL Wall Murals are made with high performance wallpaper and backed with SureStrip™, a propriety technology created by our parent company York Wallcoverings. Our SureStrip™ is a prepasted and water-activated adhesive that effortlessly peels off the wall, completely revolutionizing wallpaper and making application and removal of our wall murals fun and easy.

How To Apply Wall Murals

To apply, just dip each wall panel in lukewarm water and press to your surface. Once on the wall, smooth the strip with a soft brush and repeat with the next sequentially-numbered piece after it's on the wall. To remove, just peel a corner and watch your panel gently come off the wall while keeping your wall clean and damage free!

Each wall mural arrives in a roll, and separates into either 7 or 10 panels depending on the design. Our XL Wall Murals are not peel and stick, but as mentioned above can be removed very easily with SureStrip™ technology. No heavy glues are used and walls are not damaged when it comes time to remove.

Applying Our Giant Wall Murals Is Easy

Don't just take it from us. See for yourself! Watch how to apply and remove XL Wall Murals in the video below and keep reading for Tips To Make Your Wall Mural Application Even Easier.

Make a big impact in any room and shop our wall mural collection below:

Decorating With RoomMates XL Wall Murals

Featuring our Batman XL wall mural, our instructional how to video will show you just how easy it is to apply each wall panel to the wall, plus how to remove them (when you are ready to take your mural down).


Tips To Make Your Wall Mural Application Even Easier

Need a few tips on applying your wall murals? We’re here to help. Follow our easy tips when hanging your wall mural and soon you’ll become a RoomMates Décor wall mural pro!

  • Do not be intimated the size. Yes, our wall murals are large with many ranging from 10 feet by 6.5 feet, but each mural comes with horizontal wallpaper panels. Each panel is hung one by one until your entire mural has been assembled. Trust us. It’s easy!
  • Hang your wall mural with another person. Having another person on hand will make application go faster and help as you smooth each panel onto the wall.
  • Measure where you are looking to hang your wall mural on the wall with a pencil before you apply.
  • To activate the prepasted backing, we recommend using a tray filled with water. Dip each rolled wallpaper panel in the water for roughly 30 seconds, and then unroll each panel onto the wall. If you prefer another method, use a spray bottle filled with water and generously spray water onto the back of each wall panel.
  • Use warm water to activate!
  • If hanging your wall panel high on the wall, use a chair or stepstool.
  • Keep the directions handy to make sure you are applying all your wall panels in the right order.
  • Use a soft brush, wallpaper roller or sponge to wipe each wall panel after it has been applied to the wall. This will ensure any air bubbles that may have snuck in are now longer visible.
  • No tools are required for removal of your wallpaper mural. Just your hands. When you want to remove, grab a corner of your wall mural from the wall and peel!

A Bedroom For a Princess

RoomMates customer TJ created a Princess themed room for his daughter using our Princess and the Frog Wall Mural. See the dramatic impact our mural made on the wall and read about his experience here.

Have more questions about our wall murals?

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