Removable Wall Stickers

Worried about your wall decals damaging your walls, peeling away your paint, or leaving behind a residue you can’t scrub off? With RoomMates, you don’t need to worry. Our removable wall stickers use a special adhesive backing that adheres to smooth surfaces without bonding – so they come away cleanly, don’t strip off the paint, and won’t leave any sticky residue on your walls. They’re safe to use on any painted wall or finished, smooth surface, and come off in full pieces without any kind of damage.

RoomMates’ removable stickers make temporary decorating a breeze! Decorate for your next birthday party or special event with a pack of our easy-to-use wall decals. Our designs can be use temporarily without any hassle or mess. Simply put them up before your party, then peel them off the wall and put them back on the liner to save them for next time.

Featured Products

Want to go bigger? We have removable wall murals, too! Our XL wallpaper murals are printed on a revolutionary material called SureStrip that removes from walls cleanly, without any backing or residue left behind, and in full strips. Simply prime the walls before putting up your mural, and when you finally decide to remove it, it will come away cleanly. Although XL wallpaper murals are not repositionable or reusable, they’re still an affordable and eyecatching way to decorate any room of your home.

If temporary wall décor is what you’re searching for, RoomMates has plenty of it! Browse our huge selection of removable and reusable wall stickers and wall décor and find a new favorite design today.