Wall Stickers - Peel and Stick Borders

Looking to add a border to your child’s room, but can’t use wallpaper? Want to bring their favorite characters into their space in an affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use way? RoomMates’ peel and stick wall borders are just the thing for you! Our borders make it easy for you to decorate any room in just seconds, and are the perfect way to compliment our wall decals, giant wall graphics, and wallpaper designs.

How do RoomMates peel and stick borders work? We’ll tell you! Like our wall decals, our borders are printed on a special vinyl material with a special adhesive backing. The adhesive grips smooth surfaces firmly, but never forms a “bond” – so they stick tight, but remove easily. So if you need to move the border after you’ve applied it, simply peel it away from the wall. It will come off without a hassle, and without leaving any sticky residue behind like a traditional sticker.

Need to move your peel and stick wallpaper border to a new location? No problem! Our wall borders can be removed and re-applied multiple times without damaging your wall or peeling away the paint. And no matter how many times you move them around, RoomMates peel and stick borders and decals will stay sticky. So you never have to worry about them falling off your walls or peeling away at the edges. Change them whenever you feel the urge, or when your child decides that they want their room done in a new theme or style.

Whether you’re decorating your child’s bedroom or bringing color into a nursery, playroom, or bathroom, our peel and stick wall borders are just what you need to decorate a room affordably, quickly, and without damage to your walls. Try them out today to see just how easy it is to decorate with RoomMates!