Peel and Stick Wall Stickers

Here at RoomMates, we set ourselves apart from the competition by providing you with easy to install, high quality, peel and stick wall decals. We call our products easy to apply – and we mean it! RoomMates require no rubbing, smoothing, or special tools to put up on your walls. To apply, all you need to do is peel them off the sheet and stick them on your flat surface of choice.

Many other wall decals, including transfer type decals, are difficult to install. They may require rubbing, smoothing, or special tools to get up on your walls. They may also not be removable or repositionable – and forget about reusing them! Unlike transfer wall decals, RoomMates’ peel and stick decals can be used over and over again, and will never lose their sticky backing. And once our decals are removed, there is no sticky residue left behind on your wall.

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There’s something else you can do with RoomMates that you can’t with some other decals, too: you can apply our products to virtually any smooth surface, not just walls. Traditional decals have to be rubbed onto completely flat walls, and may not stick to furniture or slightly textured doors. But RoomMates use a special adhesive that bonds firmly to smooth surfaces without sticking permanently, meaning you can use them almost anywhere. Put them on doors, ceilings, furniture… even your car!

With an easy application process, attractive designs, special properties that allow safe removal, and virtually endless reusability, RoomMates wall decals are just what you need to decorate your home. And since they’re as easy as “peel and stick,” anyone can use them, from young children to teens to adults. You don’t have to be a seasoned decorating pro to use our products! So pick up one of our wall decals today and see why we say it’s so easy to decorate with RoomMates.