Decorative Wall Stickers

Need to decorate a room in a hurry? Challenged with the task of making an apartment, dorm, or temporary housing feel like home without putting nails or hooks in the wall? Can’t afford framed art or other wall decorating options? If this sounds like you, then RoomMates’ decorative wall stickers are just what you need!

Our decorative stickers for walls aren’t like traditional stickers. Regular stickers use an adhesive that grips surfaces tightly – usually permanently – and won’t budge without tugging and peeling. When you finally get them off, they may leave behind some of their backing, or a sticky residue that requires scraping to get off. Yuck! But RoomMates are different: our specially formulated adhesive allows our wall decals to stick firmly, but also come away cleanly without leaving any residue behind or peeling off your paint. And RoomMates are also repositionable, so you can use them over and over again without fear of your design falling off the wall or losing its sticky properties.

If you’re searching for inexpensive yet reliable wall decorations, stickers from RoomMates are exactly what you need. You can decorate your entire house or apartment for less than the price of a single piece of traditional wall art! Our decorative wall stickers are not only affordable, but also easy to use: just peel and stick to get them on your walls, and move them around as often as you like.

So if you’re ready to ditch traditional stickers and blank white walls in favor of designs that remove cleanly and still look great on your walls, try out RoomMates wall decals today! We have great styles for every room of your home, and even for party or event decorating. No matter what you choose, we think you’ll love our products!