Wall Stickers

Stickers are fun to play with and apply, aren’t they? Kids always have a blast putting them on their toys, in books, or school supplies. But when it comes to putting stickers on your walls… well, that can be a cringe-inducing thought! Traditional stickers bond so firmly to the surface that they can be virtually impossible to remove, resulting in residue or an unsightly paper backing being left behind. But RoomMates’ stickers for walls are different, and here’s why!

Our wall stickers use a unique adhesive backing that sticks firmly to walls and other smooth surfaces, but doesn’t fully form a bond. So when you put up a RoomMates wall sticker, it will hold tight, but still peel away easily. This means no sticky residue or leftover backing on your walls. And because our unique adhesive never bonds, when you peel the sticker away, the backing will still be sticky! This makes our products both repositionable and reusable.

There are a lot of names for wall stickers. You may have seen them called wall decals, wall graphics, wallpaper stickers, or even appliques. But no matter what you call them, RoomMates has them! And unlike traditional wall decal products, ours don’t require any smoothing, rubbing, or special tools to apply. They can also be used on any smooth surface, so you don’t have to limit them just to walls. We think they’re in a league all their own.

So no matter what you call our revolutionary wall décor products, don’t be afraid to give them to your kids to play with! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how clean your walls stay when RoomMates are used… and your little ones will still have a blast putting them everywhere they please.