Tree Wall Decals

When it comes to wall decals, tree designs are undoubtedly the most popular. Tree decals for walls are seen as a natural, beautiful, and fun accent piece for virtually any room of the home. They bring the outdoors in – but without the mess of leaves on the floor – and compliment the rest of your home décor. We know why you love trees and branches on your walls, and we have a ton of options created just for you!

RoomMates makes it easy to bring tree decals into a variety of rooms and spaces. Add a touch of nature to your living room, bedroom, or den with a set of elegant and ultra-customizable black branches and leaves. Or bring a serene and elegant white tree branch wall decal into your baby’s nursery to decorate a painted wall. Or, if your child wants something fun and playful, our popular Scroll Tree wall decals might be just the thing for them! And our Dotted Tree is a great pick for nurseries, bedrooms, or even play areas.

Looking for a fun project? Create a unique and personalized family tree wall decal! Accomplish this project by combining a pack of our tree wall decals with small photo frames. Apply the branches and leaves, then place family photos in the frames and mount them on the walls either around or on top of the decals. Once you’re done, you’ll have a beautiful piece of wall décor that your friends and family will love to look at!

Our tree wall decals are removable, repositionable, and reusable, making them ideal for any decorating purpose and every room of your home. Whether you use them to permanently dress up a living room or dining area, or to temporarily decorate your growing baby or child’s nursery, we’re sure you’ll love the outcome. Browse all of our tree decals and find a new favorite!