Mirror Wall Decals

Have a tiny bathroom with no room for a mirror? Want to check your reflection, but can’t put holes in your wall to mount a mirror? RoomMates’ peel and stick mirror wall decals are here to save the day! Our innovative and easy to apply mirror decals will solve all your problems – and look good doing it.

Unlike traditional mirrors, RoomMates mirrors are made of a safe, shatterproof acrylic material – but will still show your reflection clearly, just like real glass. And if you drop your mirror, you won’t have to worry about it cracking or breaking. It’s impossible to have seven years of bad luck when you’re using a mirror decal from RoomMates!

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Applying a mirror in your bathroom, bedroom, dorm room, or even in the office is easy. Your peel and stick mirror will arrive with a liner on the back, as well as a layer of protective film on the front (to keep it from being scratched). First, clean your wall to ensure it’s free of dust or debris. Next, peel away the liner and press your mirror firmly to the wall where you’d like it to appear. Finally, once your mirror is secure, peel away the protective film to expose the shiny reflective surface. It’s as easy as that!

Our mirror wall decals are a little different than traditional RoomMates decals. Our mirrors use a stronger adhesive that allow their heavier weight to be supported by the wall without peeling away or falling off. Because of this, RoomMates mirrors are safely removable without damage or residue, but are not repositionable. We also do not recommend applying mirrors to freshly painted walls, textured surfaces, or any fragile location where damage might occur. Please use mirror decals only on flat, painted walls that have been cleaned prior to application.

Please note: peel and stick mirrors are made in China.