Large Wall Decals

Enormous graphic power! Our giant wall decals are just what you need to make a BIG impact in a bedroom, dorm, living space, or den. RoomMates’ unique adhesive allows even our largest designs to be safely removed and repositioned over and over again – all without damaging your paint or leaving behind any unsightly residue.

Our extra large wall stickers are easier to put up than you might expect! Most of our bigger decals come together on your wall just like a puzzle. Each piece is numbered, so you can simply put up the first piece, follow with the second, and so on. This makes our giant wall stickers easy to apply as well as move. Smaller pieces mean you don’t have to worry about the arms or legs of your favorite characters sticking together when you try to move them to a new spot.

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But what should you do if the pieces of your large wall decals do stick together when you’re putting them up or taking them down? Good question! Most importantly, don’t panic: you don’t want to rip your giant wall decals. Firmly take each side of the design in both hands, touching as little of the adhesive as possible (we recommend gripping the sticky backing with only your thumb, and the front with your fingers). Then SLOWLY pull apart the pieces. The decals may wrinkle a little bit, but you can smooth out those imperfections when you put them back on the wall. They’ll be good as new again in no time!

Whether you opt for a huge design of your favorite comic book hero, giant wall stickers of your child’s most loved princesses or pirates, or an enormous decorative design for dressing up your living room or kitchen, our extra large wall decals will definitely make your friends and family say “wow!” Try one today and see just how easy it is to decorate your home with RoomMates.