Kitchen Wall Decals

Make a shopping list, tell your family what’s for dinner, or just decorate your space with our selection of modern, functional, and decorative kitchen wall decals. Decorating your kitchen has never been easier! From dry erase menus to Magic Hooks to unique country décor, RoomMates has a ton of kitchen decals designed to make your life easier – and a little brighter.

Our wall decals for kitchens have been specially designed to fit into any space, whether it’s big or small. You can fill in an empty space with huge patterned graphics of kitchen utensils, add a shopping list to your fridge with a dry erase decal, or even decorate cabinets and countertops – any smooth, flat surface – with some twining ivy or coffee cups. You can completely transform your kitchen with just a few decals, and all without spending a fortune.

We’ve specially designed our kitchen wall stickers to be safe for your walls, appliances, and cabinets. They’re easy to apply, and can be safely and quickly repositioned without leaving behind a sticky residue or peeling away the paint. If they get dirty, simply wipe them clean with a soft cloth or slightly damp sponge. And when you’re ready for a redesign, the decals will peel away easily without discoloration or damage.

Not sure how you would benefit from a wall decal in your kitchen or dining room? Simply browse our site and get inspired! You can jot down notes or recipes on a chalkboard, make a shopping list on a dry erase sticker, or just make your walls beautiful. We think you’ll find something you like in our growing collection of wall decals for kitchens!

Want to go bigger than decals? Try some of our kitchen or dining room wallpaper on for size! Or, if you’re looking for simple storage for potholders, utensils, or other small accessories, pick up a Magic Hook. Like our kitchen decals, Magic Hooks are removable, repositionable, and reusable, and stick safely to any smooth surface.