Rock 'n' Roll Wall Decals

Rock 'n' Roll

Rock on! March to the beat of your own drum with our rock 'n' roll themed wall decals. Aspiring musicians of all ages will get a kick out of our rock, pop, and punk-themed designs. If your child loves jamming out, you can be sure that they'll want these edgy graphics on their walls!

Like all RoomMates wall decals, our rock 'n' roll designs are removable, repositionable, and reusable. They stick to anything flat and smooth, and can be peeled away and re-applied over and over again. They come off cleanly without residue or mess—making them great for temporary decorating. And our rock-themed wallpaper and borders are ideal for something a little more permanent... but still come off easily without damage.

Mix and match all of our available rock 'n' roll designs to create the perfect hideaway for your music fan!

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