Kids' Wall Decals

RoomMates’ wall decals for kids make decorating any child’s bedroom, playroom, bathroom, or nursery both easy and affordable. Our huge selection of kids wall decals ranges from traditional favorites like jungle animals and trees to popular characters like Disney Princess and Super Mario, and are all designed especially for little hands to apply – and little eyes to see!

We have all the wall decals kids want, whether they’re movie watchers, video game fans, comic book readers, or junior adventurers. All of our children’s wall decals stick securely to any smooth surface, and can be applied to painted walls, furniture, windows, doors, or anything else you please. With various sizes and hundreds of styles available, no matter what your little one is into, we have it – or will let you create it in our custom wall decal studio.

Applying a kids wall decal is so easy that even your child can do it! First, remove your sheet or sheets of decals from the packaging. Unfold them and spread them out on a flat surface like a table or desk. Next, peel the first decal from the sheet and place it on your wall or smooth surface of choice. Give it a quick smooth and you’re done! If you’re putting together a giant wall decal, just put the numbered pieces together in order to “build” the design.

Need to move your decals? Simply lift the edge and peel it away from the surface, then stick it up somewhere new. All of our decals for kids rooms are removable, repositionable, and reusable – so they’re easy to adjust and change at a moment’s notice! And RoomMates will never remove your paint or leave behind any sticky residue when they’re moved, no matter how many times you or your child repositions them.

So what are you waiting for? Browse our huge catalog of wall decals for kids and get started on creating your child’s dream room today!