The Incredible Hulk Giant Wall Decal


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The Incredible Hulk Giant Wall Decal


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Celebrate the history of Hulk with The Incredible Hulk giant wall decal.

With formidable undeniable power, The Incredible Hulk wall decals are great for fans of all ages! The giant wall decals are removable, repositionable, and reusable. Like all RoomMates wall decals, they can be moved around countless times without damage or unwanted residue. Applying these wall stickers is easy, slowly peel the decal from the backing and assemble onto any smooth surface for a complete makeover.

This product is printed on opaque material. Suitable for any wall color.

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These are amazing and the price is even better!
Fantastic!!....Well worth the money and the wait!!
Easy to install. Looks great....and great price.
Chuck Thompson
I purchased several of the Marvel Super Hero Roommate wall decals (Hulk, Spiderman, Iron Man & Wolverine) for my five year old son's bedroom. They're all excellent. I asked my son which one was his favorite for the purpose of this review and he said, "all of them!" LOL. If I had to choose just one though, it would definitely be this one. The pose on this one is nice and although it comes in several pieces it all fits together perfectly.

My only negative with this particular wall decal is the size. Not even close to life size but for the price I can't complain.

I won't mention Roommate's chief competitor by name but when it comes to price, you can generally purchase 3-4 Roommate decals for every one of it's competitor's. As someone who's purchased from both companies, these are on par with the quality of its competitor's decals. Also worth noting is that the Roommates decals are usually slightly smaller than its competitor, but considering Roommates are much cheaper, that makes them them far the better value in my opinion.

At this price point, this Hulk is absolute bargain. These Marvel wall decals absolutely transformed my son's room. We've got quite a few compliments from young and old alike. My wife and I loved these so much that we'll be purchasing a few more to decorate my daughter's room as well.
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