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Scroll Tree MegaPack


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Dena Designs
happi by Dena is a trademark of Dena Designs, Inc. used under license.

Product Details

One of our most popular designs, our Scroll Tree wall decals are sophisticated, fun, and easy to apply!

Swirly brown branches, friendly owls, blooming flowers, and a few cheerful forest friends make this MegaPack a perfect decorating solutions for both nurseries and kids’ bedrooms. Two sheets of 80 wall stickers make for an assembled size of 64 inches by 58 inches that is sure to be a focal point of any room.

Our Scroll Tree MegaPack includes the following wall stickers:

  • A brown tree with branches
  • Leaves of a few shapes and sizes
  • Flowers, grass, and heart stickers
  • Birds, including two owls and three songbirds
  • Other woodland critters: a squirrel and hedgehog

Apply these wall decals as shown or create your own custom configuration — the choice is yours! Your little lady will love the whimsical design that can easily be passed along to a younger sister or cousin when she’s outgrown it.

Want More Swirly, Scroll-y Fun?

If you love the Scoll Tree, be sure to check out our entire Happy by Dena collection. Try out the matching Scroll Tree Branch, Scroll Tree Letter Branch and Build A House MegaPack. The Scroll Tree MegaPack also pairs well with the Happi Cupcake Giant Wall Decals, Happi Animal Alphabet Wall Decals and the Happi Barnyard Wall Decals.

What You Get

Every one of the 80 wall stickers included in RoomMates Decor’s Scroll Tree Mega Pack is fully removable and repositionable, and can be removed and re-applied over and over without damage or leaving behind any sticky residue.

The secret to our wall decals is an adhesive that sticks to your wall without bonding to it. Your wall decals will stay put when applied, but won’t take any paint off when you move them. The Scroll Tree Mega Pack will also stick to other smooth surfaces including bookshelves, dressers and tables, so you can carry the whimsical theme throughout your entire room.

The wall decals will not adhere to textured surfaces. This product is printed on opaque material for optimum color brightness. RoomMates Decor’s Scroll Tree Mega Pack is suitable for any wall color. The wall stickers pair well with the pastels found in the design including shades of pink, green, orange, yellow and blue.

About RoomMates Wall Decals

For best results, if your walls are freshly painted, give them at least two to three weeks to completely cure and dry before applying any RoomMates products. If you need to clean your wall decals, simply use a damp cloth and hand soap to remove dirt, smudges and fingerprints.

When it’s time for a big-girl room, our products can easily be removed. Just start at a corner and slowly peel off each decal, working slowly to not stretch them out. Place the wall decals on their original backing, a piece of parchment paper or wax paper. Roll up and store until you’re ready to use again.

Customer Reviews

I put the Happi Tree decals up in a nursery last week & my walls are very much textured!! They worked! I absolutely love how it turned out!!
I love this except for one thing, I couldn't read the numbers on the guide because they were so small! Therefore it took longer than if I would have been able to read them. Other than that I had no problems.
Initially I bought only 1 of the Scroll Tree Mega packs but once I had it up on the wall I NEEDED a second tree! And I might even buy a third to make it more of a forest :)
Most people ask if I painted the murals because they look so flawless.
Absolutely live this product! Easy to apply and re-arrange. Definitely recommend!
I initially bought the single tree branch version of this decal for my daughter's room because I wanted to try it out with less of a $$ investment. It was so easy to do, and looks so great, that when we rearranged her room I bought the big tree! Again, so easy to do, it took less than an hour from start to finish and that was by myself with a "helpful" 2 year old assistant! The decals look fantastic and are easy to remove and reapply if you want to tweak the layout. I couldn't be happier or recommend these more highly!!
I can't find the assembly guide-pdf, can you tell me where exactly it is on your website? (maybe link it?). Many thanks already!
I love love love the Owl Scroll Tree wall decal! This brought our nursery to life. With triplets (2 girls & a boy), we didn't know where to start with wall decor, so the walls remained blank.... until my sisters surprised us with this wall decal. We arrived home from the hospital with our 3 new babies to find this fun & cheery decor up on the wall! Now I'm looking for something similar for our kids playroom!
Put this up in my daughters room about 6-7 months ago and I still love it. Held up perfectly. Easy to put up, directions made it super easy. I added the single branch on the opposite side of the room for flow. Looks great!
beautiful! bought this for my daughter's room. loving it!
I purchased the Scroll Tree MegaPack for our Children's Liturgy Room at church. It was very easy to put up and we were able to reposition with no problems. The children, both young and old, loved it.
Dylan's Grandma
I just finished putting this up in my granddaughter's room at our house. It was so easy and it looks great. Absolutely love it.
I had never ordered any wall decals before and now I am hooked. I will only use RoomMates!
This looks so beautiful in my daughter's room.
I have one major complaint. I had to use a jewelers loop to see the numbers on the instructions. Are you kidding me?? I could have had it done so much quicker if I could have seen the instructions. It looks great and my daughter and every one of my friends on facebook love it. I have purchased others and moved them from one room to the next and they hold up very well. Would buy again. Just better instructions Please!!!!
luci greig
Just beautiful and at a great cost!
Awesome set- These look so neat on the wall and are really easy to place. We have moved them around and they still stick very well. Looks great with the woodland animals set.
Got this for my daughters nursery. I Love it!! Its so cute and was really easy to put up. I made a few adjustments as I needed it to go to the right instead of the left and it still tured out so cute! I would highly recomment and it was so nice to do it MY way since it was in pieces.. add that personal touch. I used the instrictions as a "guide" and went from.there.
Penny K.
I bought this for my daughter's room and put it up by myself in less than an hour while 8 months pregnant. It was easy to put up and then adjust a few times because I am a bit of a perfectionist. The colors are bright and beautiful. I did have a bit of trouble getting the bottom of the tree to stick to my textured wall after fighing with the squirrel tail and the grass several times. This was easy to remedy with a bit of Elmers spray glue from the craft section of my local retail store. It is now 12 months after I put it up and I still love it as much as ever. I've received many compliments on it and some even thought I painted it on the wall! I put it just to the right of my daughter's changing table so the long branch scrolls over the top of the table and my 11 month old LOVES it. She always wants to stand on the table after a change to talk to the owls and slap the leaves and flowers. I only wish there was a coordinating kit with more flowers, grass, and maybe a few more animals since I don't have anywhere to put the Scroll branch accessory kit they have.

Overall, this is a very high quality product that holds up well over time. I would recommend it to everyone!
Looks awesome up on the wall. Love it. The only thing i recommend though is if you have an inquisitive toddler maybe think about placing the decals high enough up so that cute little fingers dont peel off the stickers!!! We now have a few branches rather than a whole tree but it still looks great. Very fast shipping also:)
These are the best. Looks great. I get a lot of compliments on it. If you make a mistake, they are easy to move around... just unreel and restick.
Super cute! It looks wonderful! The only drawbacks are that I wish the instructions were a little more clear and the picture had dividing lines between parts so you could make sure to get everything in the right place. Turned out fine though. :) NOTE: You will DEFINITELY need someone (husband, friend, mother, whoever) to help you put this up. I can't imagine doing this job alone. There are some pretty big pieces in there, and I'm sure it would have been difficult not to rip anything or make sure it all gets up there right without some assistance. Mainly that's just the tree and branches part I'm talking about though. You can do the animals and leaves and flowers by yourself. BUT GET SOMEONE TO HELP YOU WITH THE TREE PART! :)
Sarah R
This is absolutely the cutest decal I've seen! And the reviews are pretty good. I wish I could put this in my daughter's bedroom.
Michelle B
I won a giftcard to this site, and chose this decal and paid the difference. It's one of the first things that went up in our new house as soon as we moved in. My girls are 2 and 4 and have mainly only messed with the flowers. I think the smaller the decal, the easier for little hands to get a hold of, but over all it's been a huge hit, and I've even had someone think it was PAINTED on :)
It looks REALLY good!
This one took me a full hour to complete, without children present in the house. It looks fabulous and has held up well. I am quite impressed with the product and want to see more designs like the scroll tree and woodland animals. They also had holiday ones in the store and I am going back to purchase some of those. Thank you!!
I ordered two packages of the scroll tree for my daughters bedroom and bathroom. I am simply HEAD OVER HEELS with the product. Easy to install and follow design instructions. I had to rearrange the tree limbs a few times and had no problems peeling and sticking over and over again. Thank you for a great product!
I was SO IMPRESSED with the quality of this product! They were pretty easy to remove from the backing and went on the wall with minimal effort. I expected issues with bubbles, but we didn't have a single bubble! The vinyl looks like it's been painted on - it's that smooth! The product is extremely durable! I ripped a few pieces because of my own carelessness (really, my fault for being so anxious to get them on the walls) and you can't even tell. We will definitely be ordering more decals in the future!
I love this. I put in in my 4 year olds room. We didn't follow the pattern, we worked together and put the pieces up how we wanted. It looked great. Then, a few weeks later, we decided to move which wall it was on. It only took about 1 hour and we peeled each piece off and put them up on a different wall. Everything went up again great. Still sticking to the wall. Love it!
It stuck to our textured walls....LOVE IT!!! I was worried about purchasing wall decals for our daughter's nursery because we have textured walls throughout our entire home. I fell in love with the scroll tree since we were doing owls and birds in her nursery. After reading the reviews, I thought we would give it a tree. The tree has been up for over a month and it still looks AMAZING! Everyone complements us on it when they come into the nursery. One person even thought we had painted it on the wall. If you are nervous because you have textured walls....don't hesitate buy this for your child's room. We are so happy we did!!!
Rayne's Mommy
The finished product looks exactly how it looks on the website. I am very over analytical so it took me a while to place it on the wall exactly how it should be. I might look into adding the house decal on the opposite wall. My daughter loves it. VERY PLEASED!
I put this in my daughter's room. It went up easily and hasn't come down after a year... I LOVE this and am definitely getting different ones for the playroom.
Very easy to apply (numbered instructions are great) and seems to be sticking to slightly textured wall quite well. It is so adorable. Highly recommend. Looking for another scene for other daughter's room!
Really easy to assemble and looks great!
Adorable. It looks so so cute. My three months old daugther looks at it and smile. I was extremely easy to install and reposition. Great buy!
Seriously, the cutest wall I have ever seen! I'm SO in love with this! Read the full review on my blog:

<a href=""></a>
Very easy to put up and very beautiful in the room! It's as simple as that!
I originally put the entire decal on one wall in the bedroom. After changing the furniture it was in the wrong place. It was extremely easy to move onto a new wall and only took a few minutes. I have just ordered the room border to go with it. Wonderful! Wonderful! Thank you.
This looks so gorgeous in the baby's new room. It was so easy to put up. We've used a couple different brands of decals in the past and think these are the best made we've seen so far. I had to reposition several pieces (a couple multiple times) and had no trouble removing and re-sticking. For those who complained that the numbers are too small on the packaging showing which components go where, I agree, but for anyone doing this in the future, if you look on the product page on the website, you can zoom into the image with the numbers and that helped a ton!
Kathy Grimmer
Great Product and super fast shipping. I ordered it Thursday and got it on Monday. It makes our daughter's room look great. Wish I had found it sooner. Very easy to put up.
love it! only wish there were an extension pack with more animals, grass, etc.
It looks absolutely gorgeous and has turned a dull room into a beautiful one. The only reason I gave it 4 rather than 5 stars was that the number coded instructions were so tiny and the black numbers on the brown tree were almost impossible to read. This made the tree difficult to put up. It really needs to come with larger instructions.
this is the most adorable thing i have ever seen! it took me a little over an hour to complete since i was chasing the kids around at the same time. i thought it would be bigger but it still looks GREAT on the wall. the numbers on the instructions definately need to be printed bigger, i had a hard time seeing them. overall it turned out better and was easier than i expected. i would definately purchase this again. IF I CAN DO THIS ANYONE CAN!
This completely transformed my daughters room. We both love it!
Tina Myles-Ige
It took me an hour to put up this set and we love it!

Our walls are a little bumpy in texture, but they seem to be sticking quite well. I didn't get the tree quite in the middle of my wall space, but simply moving a flying bird over a bit really helped the balance.
Love it Love it Love it!!!!!! It really wakes up the walls in our baby's nursery.
I love the finished product, but when I was putting it up none of the stickers were fully cut out on the sheet so I had to cut all of them out with a razorblade which took awhile.. I didn't cut the first 2 pieces out and they ripped. . Other than that it's great, looks really cute up.
M & L's mama
So cute! Looks amazing...everyone thought I painted it on! Easy to put up. Directions are inculded on the back of the package....well not really just match up the numbers. I love it!
Wow, when my husband and I finished decorating our baby's room,I cried. It looks so beautiful and I am extremely happy, and the best part is that my 8 month old baby saw her beautiful wall, and she loved it and tried to talk
Averys Mom
The package came with numbered instructions....very very easy to assemble!! I PRAY t stays up!!! I love love love it and have recommended it to everyone!! I even had to reposition the #1 piece a few times and it stuck with no problems!! Very inexpensive and if we ever move I will take it down or just order a new one! Gorgeous and perfect addition to our Pottery Barn big girl Owl Nature room! :0)

I will say the number were very small and I had to really look closely at package to read them....
Absolutely love it, my nursery is finally complete and my wife is happy with me!!!!!!
mine didn't come with any instructions and when I had to adjust the branches and I was extremely slow and careful it ripped Now I'm left with broken pieces and a crying 3 year old.
This was perfect for our nursery! The quality is great, application was easy, and it really does look painted when finished. I posted pictures online after we finished the room and people already want to know wear I got it! I will definitely be purchasing more products for our house and for gifts. Best product I've come across in a while!
I just put this up in my girls' playroom and it is so adorable! It was easy to assemble and adjust. We have a large entertainment center on the same wall we put this on. Luckily, we were able to easily re-arrange some of the pieces for a customized fit. I would highly recommend this product.
Love this! It looks great in my baby girl's room!
This brightened up our playroom in a big way! It was easy to put up (thanks to the number coded directions) and it has stayed up really well on our slightly textured walls. I'm so happy with this product and this company!
Exactly as pictured. Little trouble getting to stick, after few tries finally used a dry baby washcloth to smooth as I went. It is still staying up after 4 days, so we are very happy.
Aron Bennett
This is exactly as pictured and MUCH bigger than we expected. My daughter loves it. it was very easy to put up and adjust; great value for the price we paid!
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